They can cost you a fortune, just pennies or nothing at all but the details of your wedding are what make your day stand out from the crowd, but unless your photographer immortalises them on camera they may be forgotten forever.


A good photographer will pick up on the physical details throughout the day, he will notice the initialed sweets left with the table settings, notice your customised shoes to match bridesmaids dresses and heaven help if he misses the half a dozen white doves you launch as a symbol of your eternal love.

The most important details are you, the people you love the most and the emotion of your day. You should feel comfortable enough with your photographer to share your feelings and the details that will make your day truly special. Maybe even some secrets, so the person behind the camera gets the inside track on who you are, why you’re together and how much you love the people around you and each other.

Sometimes it’s the familiar things that can be so important, the first piece of jewellery he bought you, the friend who’s helped put everything together or the car that’s his pride and joy and insists on having at the wedding. Is it really important to photograph those delicious canapés even if they did cost the earth? The important detail is in you and the interaction with the people around you.

It’s all in the details…

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No secrets

There should be no secrets from your photographer, if the fireworks are a surprise for your bride he needs to be in place for her reaction when the first rocket goes up.

Capture the personality

The familiar things to you can be overlooked but it’s the detail in your personality that makes the pictures more intimate and about you. As well as a list of essential set up pictures the photographer should know the things you love, what you love about each other, how you met etc


Reception styling

Shoot the room before everyone sits down for the wedding breakfast, those table displays can cost as much as your photographer and when the guests sit down they tend to ruin that perfection!

Intimate moments

Don’t forget mum, she’s the third most important person on the day and an intimate portrait with her daughter will make her feel special too.


Venue details

Use the venue, you have booked it for a reason so make sure the details that attracted you to it are reflected in the images.

Personal history

Do you have any history with any of the locations, if mum and dad were married there it is good to re-create their picture in the present day.


Poignant moments

Who is going to bring the laughter and the tears during the speeches, is there something that dad may say that you know will touch the heartstrings or is there a secret the best man will let out that will make you cringe.

Family gatherings

Never forget the people who may not be there again, it’s so important that the friend who travelled halfway around the world to be there is pictured with the bride and groom. Gran and grandad are often in the background on these occasions but they are the reason you are around. It may be the last big family gathering they attend, make them feel special and catch them on camera.

You’re in charge

Most importantly the photographer is there for you, if you do forget something important and remember on the day tell them, you’re in charge!

Thank you to Paul Collins from Wild About Weddings for taking the time to write this. If you would like any more information about paul and his fabulous photography, please visit his website.