Tired of stuffy sit-down wedding breakfasts? Ditch tradition and switch up your menu to include some of these weird wedding food ideas instead. Your guests will love you for it!


Scotch eggs

When you think of a wedding breakfast, scotch eggs may not be the first things that spring to mind! But just think of them in terms of a wider wedding buffet at your mid-summer celebration, surrounded by a colourful salad bar. This relaxed wedding menu would be perfect for DIY brides or those planning an outdoor or marquee celebration.



We’ve all seen candy bars filled with brightly coloured sweets, but what if you want something more subtle? Fudge fits the bill – its gorgeous light brown colouring makes it ideal for vintage-inspired weddings. Pop some on a glass cake stand with a pretty doily and voila! Thinking of DIY favours? It would be easy to make this yourself.

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Alcoholic cupcakes

We’re loving these rather naughty versions of traditional cupcakes. A real talking point for your guests, these sweet treats can be laced with your favourite tipple for an extra kick. We love pina colada, mojito and Baileys!



Just before you wave goodbye to your guests, why not give them a sweet treat to nibble on, on the way home? Doughnuts are the answer! If you want a more gourmet look, have them frosted in your wedding colours and position them neatly in a row, and decorate them with these little picks from the Wedding Ideas Shop.



As the trend for bowl food at weddings continues, curry is a great option. Make sure you’ve got a range of hot and mild dishes available for different tastes, throw in a few mini poppadoms and naan breads and you’re good to go. Many brides choose curry as an evening food option, but you could easily have it in the day, too. If your venue allows it, why not ask your favourite curry house if they could cater your celebration?



An acquired taste, for sure, but oysters are said to be an aphrodisiac so why not include them in your day? They might blow the budget somewhat but a fresh seafood stall would really be a perfect finishing touch especially if you were planning a beach-themed wedding or having a wedding abroad.



Perfect for late-night picking, pizzas aren’t something you initially think of for a wedding breakfast but it could work really well, especially for the little ones. Why not set up their own DIY Pizza Parlour where they can add their own toppings? Or offer pizza slices as a take-home treat in personalised pizza boxes with your names and wedding date!



From barn dance receptions to sit-down banquets, pies are a great alternative choice for weddings all year round. We love Pieminister who have award-winning (and amazing-sounding) options like The Deerstalker and Kate & Sidney. They even have low-calorie options for those guests watching their waists!


Welsh cakes

Traditionally eaten on St David’s Day, these teatime treats would be perfect as a evening nibble at your wedding reception – whether you’re Welsh or not! You could even fashion them into a romantic heart shape like the clever couple above.

Which do you prefer – a traditional sit-down wedding breakfast or one of our more alternative options above? For more fab food ideas, check out our Reception features now.