Parents can be a great source of support when planning a wedding, but finding the right role for everyone can be tricky. Charlotte Buxton explains how to get them included! group19

Ask your mum to help choose your dress

By inviting your mum to help select your dress, you’ll have a shopping partner who will always give you an honest opinion – plus you’ll both love having made that special purchase together.

Organise wedding party shopping trips

You’re not the only one who needs to look good on the day, so why not organise a special trip to get outfits for the mother and father of the bride and groom. It’s the perfect way to make sure everybody is co-ordinated too. Oli Tally-1

Let them share their network with you

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Perhaps your father-in-law knows a great photographer, or your mum’s friend is
a brilliant florist – let them share their contacts with you, just remember that it’s up to you to decide if they’re right for your big day.

Ask them to take charge of family logistics

Give each set of parents responsibility for making sure their relations have somewhere to stay and transport to the venue. It’ll be a big help to them and to you.

Get their help planning the photographs

Your parents will enjoy looking back on pictures of your big day just as much as you, so ask them which photographs they’d most like for their album.

Involve your dad in your choice of walk-in music

Lots of brides keep their entrance music a secret, but by telling your dad what you’ve chosen, you’ll make him feel extra special, and give him a chance to listen to it in advance to practise holding back the tears too! Jon and Parysa-018

Ask for their help finding something old, new, borrowed and blue

Maybe your mum has a ring you’d like to wear to the wedding, or your mother-in-law has the perfect set of pearls to go with your dress. This little tradition is a great way to get your parents involved with the day.

Make the most of your camera phone

Send your parents pictures of hair styles, flowers, shoes and other bits and pieces you find along the way to see what they think. It’s a simple way to test opinions and to help everybody feel included.

Let them say a few words

These days lots of couples invite both sets of parents to make a speech at the reception, not just the father of the bride. Even if they don’t want to, they will appreciate being asked!

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