8 Ways To Guarantee The Best Wedding Night

According to an annual wedding survey by www.onepulse.com only a guaranteed 53% of newlyweds actually had sex on their wedding night. Shocked? Seal the deal with this list of top tips for ensuring a wedding night the traditional way!



Don’t drink excessively

Nerves and excitement can make it all too easy to quaff Champagne, but if you drink to excess you’ll be falling asleep before the first dance let alone the wedding night. Instead, aim to have a glass of water in between drinks, and switch to sparkling water or fruit juice by the end of the night to perk you up.


Lustful lingerie

Us girls are well aware of the power of sexy lingerie. Be sure to wear some stunning wedding lingerie under your dress so you have a constant reminder of what to look forward to – especially the look on your new husband’s face when he sees you in it later…

8 ways to guarantee the best wedding night


Bat those eyelashes

Don’t forget to flirt with each other during the day too. You don’t want to do anything outrageous or public – a look, a smile, a whisper in his ear at brief moments that you are together. Let him know in subtle ways that you can’t wait to be alone together as husband and wife!

Top tips for the best wedding night

Reflect on your day

We can’t say it enough – this day is about the two of you. With all the partying, eating, photographing and conversing, it can be difficult to get a moment alone. After the party is over, avoid running straight off to the bedroom. Instead, take a moment to reflect on the best and funniest moments, the soppiest moments and what an incredible day you’ve had. This will make you feel even more connected with your new husband and appreciate what you’ve had there and then.


Where’s your hubby?

It may sound ridiculous, but it is surprisingly easy to forget about your other half during the day. Whether you’re getting ready with your bridesmaids, posing for the photographer, or chatting to friends and family, all of this can take over and cause you to neglect each other. Of course, it’s not possible to remove yourself from the wedding necessities, but be sure to go through as much of the day as possible with your husband by your side.


Sleep well

You’re sure to be full of wedding jitters, but it’s important to get your solid eight hours of sleep the night before and even a few nights before your wedding day! A good night’s rest will make sure that you are revitalised and ready to last the whole day – and night!


Don’t sweat the small stuff

Your wedding is a day you’ve been planning for months… perhaps years. It can be easy to allow minor details to become a source of irritation or even cause an argument or a tiff with your family, friends or new husband. Keep a level head and don’t let anything ruin your day – the most important thing is that you have married the person you love!



Be realistic

No matter what you do during the day, you will be filled with both adrenaline and ALOT of food and drink! Follow the above hints on the day and romance is certainly on the cards for the end of the night, but chances are it might not be ground-breaking, or the best you’ve had together. Keep your expectations realistic and focus instead on the closeness and intimacy you feel with the man who is now your husband! The best moments don’t happen when they are forced and doesn’t mean they won’t follow on in the honeymoon…


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