On your wedding day, you and your h2b are going to have invited lots of friends and family members together, many of whom have never spoken to one another. So to get people chatting, it’s always a good idea to have a few ‘ice-breakers’ up your sleeve.


Magical conversations

Have a professional magician going from table to table and performing great tricks. This is a fantastic way to get the conversation flowing.

Singing surprises

Another good idea is to hire some singing waiters. These are entertainers who pretend to be catering staff and will all of a sudden burst into a song and dance routine that will leave your guests astounded and ready to chat about it afterwards.

Funny pictures

Leave disposable cameras and props on the tables and get your guests to take some funny snaps of each other with wigs and hats on.

Amusing character names

Give your guests character names based on their table’s theme, such as Batman, Robin Hood or Mickey Mouse.

Party-game fun

Play a game of musical chairs during the evening reception! This is a great light-hearted game that will get your guests reminiscing about childhood memories.

Mystery solving

Leave a small envelope filled with mysterious bits of information about other guests on the table. Try and get them to match the correct fact to the right person.

Trivial conversations

Put a box of Trivial Pursuit cards on the table. As guests see them they will automatically read out questions to one another and get the conversation started.


Quickfire Q&As

Print out a list of 25 statements and put them on each table. One person on the table reads out a statement and people answer on whether they’ve done the activity or not. Statements could be ‘have you ever sent a man flowers?’ Or ‘have you ever run a marathon?’

I would never…

Put some printed sentence-starter slips in a bowl on each table with statements such as – ‘The funniest thing that ever happened to me was…’ or ‘I would never…’ Each guest pulls out a slip, stands up and has to complete the sentence. One way of getting to know your fellow guests quite quickly!

Are you looking for fab ways to entertain your guests? Check out our amazing entertainment planning section for more great ideas.


  1. Some great ideas. I’m not sure a game of ‘I have never’ would go down very well at my wedding, although perhaps my memory of that as a drinking game that gets pretty blue pretty quickly wouldn’t happen again! Ha ha!


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