Every bride wants to look her absolute best on the big day and for some, that means losing a few pounds or getting trim so they look amazing in their dress. Here we talk to personal exercise consultant Keri Parr as she explains how to get a beautiful bridal body in time for your walk down the aisle…


Drink plenty of fluids

74% of adults are dehydrated, this can slow your metabolism by 3-5% and keep the weight on. People also confuse thirst with hunger. So drink around two to three litres of water per day and you will enjoy healthy energy, you will feel fuller for longer, help your body to flush out toxins and help boost your metabolism, too.

Pass the protein

Protein helps to maintain your blood sugar levels and helps to stave off hunger. Protein-rich foods will help you retain lean muscle and burn fat.


Fill up on fresh veg

Around 83% of adults do not eat enough fruit everyday, and 72% do not eat enough vegetables. They are packed full of healthy antioxidants and fibre. Eat as much as you like and ensure your plate is full of colour at all times.

Avoid processed foods

Foods that are beige tend to be high in carbohydrates. If you’re looking to reduce your weight then limit the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Carbohydrates are a source of fuel, if unused then your body stores the excess as fat. Therefore eat in moderation. I recommend a fist size on your plate. Avoid processed foods, stick to clean eating.

Get more sleep

Not enough sleep and your body will retain and gain weight. At least 8 hours sleep will help your body to destress, detox and retain less cortisol which makes you gain weight.

Control your portions

Today the average plate size is two to three times bigger than 30 years ago. Your plate should not only be colourful but food groups need to be balanced as follows – fruit and vegetables on half your plate and meat and carbohydrates a quarter. Keep butter or cheese to the size of a dice, these small changes will help manage your portions and help you manage your weight.


Get active

The most effective way to boost metabolism, boost mood and boost weightloss is to exercise. Regular exercise will help your body change shape and also help you to feel more confident. Keep it fun and challenge yourself each time. Everyone can exercise whether at home or in a gym or even a walk in the park.

Set yourself a goal

Set yourself a short-term target. Every 90 days set yourself a new challenge, whether it be improving your fluid intake to even exercising 20 minutes a day. Set out your calender and stick to it for the duration. Ask friends and family to join the challenge with you, support is key and you can all help motivate each other.

Inches are more important than scales

Inches are more important than the scales. Did you know that 1lb of fat if the size of a grapefruit? Did you also know that 1lb of muscle is the size of a small nectarine? By exercising you’ll lose inches, boost your metabolism change your shape and feel more confident. Lean muscle helps to burn the stored fat so do not weigh yourself daily. Take body measurements, for example from your chest, waist and hips. Repeat again every four weeks. So do not focus on the scales but on how your clothes fit. That is the true test of fat loss.

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