As exciting as the idea of your perfect wedding day is, there are times when wedding planning gets too much and you just think ‘PLEASE, can this wedding just come already’. We’ve put together some easy peasy ways to tackle any planning stress…

Get organised

Firstly, choose your date ASAP, and maybe your theme too while you’re at it. This way you have something to work towards, and can arrange your new notepad (with matching pens, pencils, and paperclips) appropriately to suit the time span you’re working with. So two things that will motivate you: a date and matching stationery. 30

Take your time

As excited as you are, don’t think or act like all the wedding plans must be sorted straight away as soon as he’s popped the question. Be realistic! There’s a lot to do, and planning a whole wedding within a week of your engagement cannot be good for your health – your stress levels would be soaring, and we can’t even imagine how overwhelmed the groom-to-be would be feeling.  Wedding-HighRes-124


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Something else to make sure you’re being realistic about, unless you’re looking to quickly start hating this whole ‘wedding idea’ thing: Do not think you can take on all the wedding tasks yourself! There are plenty of people that would be willing – in fact, – LOVE to help you out. Especially if it saves the bride-to-be losing her hair over the to-do list that can stretch across the living room. If you’ve never been one to ask for help, now is the time to learn! CR313

Talk it out

If something is nagging or upsetting you, – one of your wedding tasks that you need to do for example, or even someone that you think should be doing a bit more to help out – the best thing you can do is talk it out. If your hubby-to-be or your maid of honour isn’t putting in as much effort as you’d like them to, let them know! Keeping it to yourself, and thus keeping them in the dark isn’t exactly doing to help the situation, is it! It can only make wedding planning stress way worse…

Date nights

It’s important you make time for un-wedding things, too. A great idea that we always suggest is arrange a weekly (at the least!) date night with your husband-to-be where wedding chat is banned. And no, you may not go home and catch up on Don’t Tell The Bride when you’re back from it! Daffodil Waves Photography - Hogarths Hotel Wedding - Rachel and Kieran529


Whether your idea of relaxing is a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate whilst you sink into a bubble bath, or a Sunday morning yoga session at your local gym, it’s so important you find the time to chill out and wind down from wedding planning as frequently as possible. Michelle-Simon-068

Do it your way

What you’ve got to remember throughout the whole of the wedding planning process is that it’s YOUR day (and your partner’s of course!), so don’t let people talking about other weddings they went to this summer get you down or get your feeling competitive. As if planning this big day isn’t stressful enough! Natalie & Mark-195

Sleep well

Sleep is a cure for so many things. Getting your eight hours a day means no matter how stressful one day of planning is, you’ll find yourself waking up and feeling much more refreshed the next day, ready for the next thing! When it’s all getting too much, a nap really can help.  Wedding-HighRes-361

Have faith

What are you even stressing about anyway? It’s your wedding day! It’s going to be about you and your partner becoming husband and wife, and no matter what happens with the reception canapés you’ve or that guitarist you can’t get hold of right now, that will happen.

We’re always here to help you make sure your wedding planning and the big day itself run as smoothly as possible with – check out the website and you’ll no doubt find the answers to your questions, and maybe find a few articles to make you giggle too.