Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but that doesn’t mean that things always go smoothly and as planned…

There are a number of common regrets that couples have about their wedding day, so we’re here to make sure you’re not going to have the same big day blunders!

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Make sure you book a decent photographer. This is the most common wedding day regret out there, and it’s so easily avoided! Photography is one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on – make sure you’ve seen their portfolio and you know you can trust them, and make sure you’ve booked them for long enough. We recommend booking a photographer for the getting ready pictures, right through to the first dance!

Cut down the guest list

It’s easy to get carried away with your guest list, but we often hear of couples regretting their decision to invite so many people. Don’t feel pressured to invite anyone you don’t want to – only invite people you know who will appreciate being there and you who appreciate attending! Cutting down the guest list will also save costs.

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Fabulous first dance

It’s definitely worthwhile planning the first dance – going to dancing lessons or getting it professionally choreographed will mean you feel confident on the dance floor with your other half. Some couples feel awkward and uncomfortable dancing in front of their guests when they don’t know what to do!

Spend time alone

Your wedding day will whizz by. The day goes by so fast that couples often forget to spend time alone on their wedding day! Make sure you have a quiet 10 minutes, just you and your-hubby, so you can take in your wedding day together. 004

Enjoy the wedding morning

Getting ready on the morning of the wedding is bound to be stressful, but make sure you take time to relax and enjoy it with a glass of champers! It’s the one time you’ll be pampered within an inch of your life so sit back and look forward to what is to come…

Don’t go hungry

We have a lot of couples tell us that they actually forget to eat during their wedding day! You’ll be super busy greeting and thanking guests, that you might not have time to eat the delicious wedding breakfast you spent all that money on. Make sure you allow you and your hubby time to sit down and enjoy the meal.

Book a DJ

A lot of couples try to save money on wedding entertainment, and rather than booking a decent DJ they create a playlist on their iPod. Yes, this does save a ton of money but a good DJ will make sure all of your guests get up on the dance floor for a groove!

Comfort over style

Even though those glitzy stilettos may look gorgeous, will you last in them all day? If you’re opting for high heels for the ceremony, make sure you bring flats along too! Many brides end up in pain towards the end of the day due to their heels. We all know the feeling, so if you want to enjoy every second of your special day, sometimes being comfy is best!


Beauty trials

Always make sure you have a hair and make-up trial before your wedding morning. There would be nothing more stressful than hating your hair and make-up whilst knowing it’s too late to change it. We recommend having at least 2 trials before your big day to make sure it’s perfect!

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