You’re almost certainly going to want to give a present to your bridesmaids and pageboys on your wedding day, to say thank you for being such an important part of the wedding party.

There may be other children at your wedding you also want to give a little something to. Maybe there’s a new baby in the family and you’d like to present a gift, or a young one is celebrating their 18th birthday around your wedding day.

We’ve put together a selection of present ideas for you to consider, for both boys and girls of all ages.


Precious pieces

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Get your young bridesmaid’s jewellery collection off to a stylish start with one of these sweet little pendants from Alexis Dove featuring kittens and bunny rabbits. You can choose from silver, rose gold or gold vermeil, and you can personalise the piece by writing the recipient’s initials on the base. Prices start at £75.


Pearl bracelets are a classic gift that will have any little girl feeling very grown up – it’s a piece of jewellery she’ll be able to wear forever. We think this one is a snip at £16.96 from The Handpicked Collection.

If the girls at your wedding are the crafting types, you could give them these little wooden hearts with a Scandi design by Hanna Francis. Just push out the heart and use the supplied ribbon ready to hang as a decoration (RRP £8.50). This would look lovely on a bedroom wall. After the wedding they could be decorated and painted in different colours – we think silver or gold would look fabulous. Order direct from the Hanna Francis website.

Cupcakes, anyone?

With the popularity of The Great British Bake Off, baking has never been more popular. Why not give your bridesmaids and the pageboys a cookery day learning how to make cupcakes? We’ve found numerous venues around the place offering day courses (children need to be 12 and over) and prices start at just £29.


One for the boys

A lot of little boys love cars and building things. How about combining the two and giving them a Lego Technic car to make? Lego is always popular and it’s good value. This Mini Off-Roader comes with all the pieces they’ll need and they can sit and make it quietly (well, there’s always hope!) whilst the wedding speeches are going on. We think it’s a bargain at £7.99 from the Lego Shop.

What about paintballing? The boys will be kitted out in special overalls and supplied with a semi-automatic gas-powered paintball gun. Buy a Gift currently has an offer on at £10 for a group of eight people, which we think sounds like a complete bargain – all you have to buy on the day are the paint balls themselves. This activity is available all over the country and it’s suitable for children aged 12 years and upwards. You can always get the girls involved in this one too – they’ll love the opportunity to show up the boys at their own game!

For younger children

Make the place settings at your wedding reception extra special by organising these named mats from Scarlett Willow. Have the name picked out in green or pink, whatever suits. Sure to give a thrill to the child as they find their particular place and a reminder of your wedding day afterwards. It’s also a practical gift as the mats are large so parents will be delighted at the chance of keeping the family table that bit cleaner!


For older kids

A Junior Driving Experience can make a seriously exciting gift for teenagers. This is a bit more expensive at £69, but they do get to drive an Aston Martin! The session lasts about two hours in total and is available in numerous locations around the country. Suitable for ages 11-17 years.

Don’t forget!

Have a photograph taken of yourself and your new husband with all the kids at the wedding, as well as your bridesmaids and pageboys. If you want, you can then get copies printed out and framed and send to the children involved – it will really make them feel they played a special part on your big day and it’s a lovely keepsake.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you! We also have some great children’s favours in the Wedding Ideas Shop, including activity books and animal-shaped sweet boxes – take a look!