If you want to go to town on decorating your wedding reception venue to ensure that it’s truly personalised for you as a couple, here’s the good news: you don’t need to spend a fortune!

Oasis Events works with budgets at both ends of the spectrum to make unique ideas a reality in any space, so they know what they’re talking about as far as decoration goes. Be it a tent, marquee or venue, sports hall or function room, here are 9 of their top tips for transforming your venue on a budget.

9-budget-friendly-ways-style-wedding-reception-venue-Hire a hall2

Hire a hall

Keep it local and surprise your guests with a fantastic transformation inside a well-known and familiar venue. Village and town halls already have loos, kitchens, power, and heating, not to mention weatherproofing and car parking, so they’ll have everything you need for the night – all for a fabulously low rate.

9-budget-friendly-ways-style-wedding-reception-venue-full colour1

Go for it in full colour

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Use a complete marquee- or venue-lining to give a marquee a facelift or to disguise even the saddest of venues – this way, you can create a rich, warm wallpaper which means you can spend less of your budget on flowers, specialist crockery or other details to brighten up the space. Linings like Oasis Saffron punch above their weight – this simple printed fabric immediately transforms a space using only linings and lights!

9-budget-friendly-ways-style-wedding-reception-venue-freestanding drapes2

Free standing drapes

Free standing drapes can completely transform your venue, don’t require drilling or fixings, and take very little time to put up.  Plus, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to colours and lighting effects, which can easily transition from day to night to create a totally different environment.

9-budget-friendly-ways-style-wedding-reception-venue-keep it simple

Keep it simple

Using an accent colour or colours is an easy way to tie the whole look of your day together – you can use your chosen accent on anything from draping and table settings through to buttonholes and bridesmaids dresses. It’s the simplest way to create a cohesive theme and will look excellent in photos.

9-budget-friendly-ways-style-wedding-reception-venue-fabric 1

A little fabric goes a long way

Hang fabric overhead for immediate impact and wow factor – with minimal coverage, you can still transform the space from ‘somewhere you hired for the day’ into your own, very personal wedding venue.


Make a statement with lighting

Use a single chandelier in a rural barn for a dramatic effect, or hang it outdoors to set a good impression from the moment guests arrive. For a twinkling romantic touch that everyone will love, add overhead fairy lights.

9-budget-friendly-ways-style-wedding-reception-venue-focal point1

Have a focal point

Go crazy and choose something that really represents your theme as a focal point for your design. Where the budget won’t stretch to going all out on the entire venue, why not have just a bit of it? You could have neon lights right behind the top table, a fairy light shower behind the band, a small chill out zone in the style of an after-hours nightclub, or a boutique tent as a grand entrance. Whatever you do, make a statement!


Make more than the sum of the parts

Use several of the same items to tie your look together. For example, pick the same style of candlesticks in a variety of sizes for the tables, in the corners of the room, fire places, and window sills – the more the merrier!


Sometimes it’s the little things that count

Disguise tatty corners or storage areas simply, cheaply and most importantly beautifully, with screens, props, lanterns or birdcages.

For more tips and tricks from Oasis Events or to see more of their beautiful styling, visit their website. If you’re a budget-conscious bride looking for other clever ways to save money on your big day, check out the Budget Wedding section of our website!