So it’s a given that something will go wrong at your wedding – it might rain, your heel might break, and your great aunt Freida might get horrendously drunk, fall asleep and snore during the speeches. It’s all part of the experience of a wedding day, and you just have to let it go and laugh!

Having said that, there ARE some basic rules to follow to avoid wedding fails – watch the (hilarious) video below and see if you agree!

Rule 1: Exercise caution when catching the bouquet

Brides: to avoid mishaps, make sure you throw your bouquet back, not up – but not too hard! No-one wants high-velocity flowers to the face. Bridesmaids: under NO circumstances run towards the bride!

Rule 2: Invest in a good-quality belt

This is one for the groom and ushers alike – no-one wants to see your lucky pants on the big day, so please make sure your new belt is up to scratch!

Rule 3: Keep all animals on a lead

Your four-legged friends might be a part of the family, but at least your relatives know not to wee on your carefully-chosen, once-in-a-lifetime dress! (At least, we hope so…)

Rule 4: Piggybacks are a no-no

It might seem like a hilarious, fun idea at the time, but they rarely go well – especially if one or both parties is in heels! The last thing you want is to be missing a tooth in your wedding photo.

Rule 5: Always be aware of water features

If the reception is at a country house venue or in a garden, chances are that there’s a beautiful fountain or ornamental pond somewhere in the vicinity. Keep an eye on it to make sure children, pets and particularly vigorous dancers don’t fall overboard.

Rule 6: If you’re feeling faint, just sit down!

Tight outfits + nerves + central heating = dizzy spells. If you spot someone doing a tell-tale sway, don’t ignore them – chances are they’re about to fall flat on their face, which will be far more painful (not to mention disruptive to the ceremony!) than if they just gently sit down and collect themselves. If in doubt, always have a bottle of water on hand!

Rule 7: Practice your first dance

If you’ve never gone for a romantic dip during a dance before, then now is NOT the time to try it out! Better to fall in your own living room than on the dancefloor on your big day.

Rule 8: Get a grip

Related to Rule 7. Dancefloors are slippy things! Make sure that your shoes have a bit of grip to them to avoid a red face and a sore bum. When in doubt, just take them off!