Don’t waste money on the wrong wedding stationery! Here the experts from Eaton Stationery reveal eight of the most common fails and how to avoid them…

Sending out invitations too late

Aim to send your invitations out between four and six months before your wedding day – so get in touch with your stationers about eight months before. If you are getting married abroad then send out a year before to give people plenty of notice.


Not doing your research

When choosing a stationer check out their website, look at testimonials and possible awards they have won. It’s also best to to meet with them personally if they are local. When contacting your stationer have an idea of colour in mind, the style you are after and quantities you might need.


Not ordering samples

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Some brides-to-be make the mistake of not ordering samples of their chosen stationery. Paper products are really difficult to appreciate when you see them on a website and it’s best to check the quality of paper, embellishments, print and finish before placing the whole order so that you are not disappointed when the final product arrives.


Not personalising your design

Any good stationer will be prepared to make changes (within reason) to their designs so don’t be afraid of talking to your stationer about your ideas. We get lots of ideas from our clients, which often inspire completely new designs!


Not providing a swatch

Whether it’s a swatch from your bridesmaids’ dresses or even a picture from your Pinterest pages, it’s essential that you take a colour swatch with you to your meetings with the stationer so they can properly match your designs to your colour scheme. This is essential for a co-ordinated look.


Not proof-reading your text

When you receive your proofs, you need to check, check and check again. It doesn’t happen very often but files can corrupt so it’s always best to double check everything. Spelling mistakes are a real no no as many people will keep your invitations and orders of service for years to come as a memory of the day.



Forgetting to check postage costs

Always check the price of sending out your invitations with the Post Office. Wedding invites can bulk out and fall into the large letter category, especially if you’re having a full information pack with maps, hotel suggestions and so on, so never assume it will take a standard stamp. It would be terrible if your guests had to pick up their invites from the collection office and pay up for the excess postage!



Not discussing your budget

Always be up front with your stationer about how much money you have to spend. They might be able to adjust a design so that it remains within your budget.


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