There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to planning your wedding, although we’re not big believers in following traditional rules when it comes to wedding planning, there are certain aspects that are a big must!

We teamed up with Calm Weddings to give you their professional planning top tips… DB_WEDDING_SEAMAN_397

Use family and friends’ talents

Do you have anyone close to you that has any special talents? Anyone who has the ability to bake cakes, make stationery or even has flower-arranging skills? You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save by calling on others to help.  Chris_Katherine-46

List your guests before you start venue searching

You may have a venue in mind, however, you need to have an idea of how many guests  you are expecting to the day and evening reception. If the venue is too small, they won’t be able to increase their capacity. However, if you only have a small guest list but choose a big venue, the atmosphere could be lost. Natasha Jack s Wedding-The Ceremony-0013

Choose the right day to get married

Saturdays are very popular and are usually the first days to be booked up. However, getting married mid-week, Fridays or Sundays is usually cheaper. Make sure you search around, some venues offer a 50% reduction for mid-week weddings! Natasha Jack s Wedding-Mr Mrs-0003

Don’t be afraid to use new suppliers

There are some amazing new wedding suppliers who have decided to bring their talents to the public eye. Just because someone hasn’t been running a business for years, it doesn’t mean they are not good at something they are passionate about. Ask to see their portfolio, as chances are they will have been doing this behind the scenes for years.  Shore373

Make your day individual to you

You don’t want your day blending into the many other weddings your guests may be attending. Do something or share something that is unique to you both. Make your day about the two of you and make sure your guests remember it!  2013-04-20 00541

Take one day at a time

Make a plan and schedule your time. Don’t try and do everything at once – by bombarding yourself with 101 activities, you’ll only cause undue stress. There are certain things that need booking, but don’t plan to see venues, photographers and florists all in the space of a week. Make sure you give yourself some breathing space! Elizabeth & Kevin-63

Enjoy the planning

It’s very easy for your wedding to take over your life, and we’ve had many bridal couples feeling as if they’re drowning. However, it doesn’t need to be this way. Make it fun; have day trips to wedding venues, make the most of the food tasting, or plan lunch and a day out together. Don’t forget to arrange those girlie nights with your bridesmaids to discuss hen party plans, or call them to help with stationery or other creative aspects that need a few helping hands. WHITEHEAD_19075

Don’t stop dating each other

What does this have to do with wedding planning? The reason you are getting married is for your love for one another, and, well, wedding planning can soon have you forgetting this! Make sure you spend time with each other without any wedding talk. Arrange a meal out together, with one rule: NO TALK about weddings!  culzean_castle_wedding_clairepennphotography_322

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