You’ve put months, maybe into years, into planning your big day and it should be a day to remember for a lifetime – hopefully for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best laid plans can go awry. This is where your wedding insurance steps in.

For some, a big day never just approaches; it looms, an impending menace that foretells forgotten rings and surprise thunderstorms, unexpected traffic and fighting-in-laws, venues double-booking and torn wedding dresses and worse… ROBERTS_018

8 Reasons to Take out Wedding Insurance

It’s supposed to be your special day. Why not keep it that way? Check out these eight ways wedding insurance can help you avoid a big day disaster and ensure you get hitched without a glitch.

Unfortunately, small businesses can go bust

You’ve put down those deposits for the catering, the cake and decorations. However, a lot can happen during the time it takes to plan a wedding. Businesses go bust, suppliers can vanish – and you can be left high and dry. Different insures and wedding insurance policies can cover varying amounts lost by supplier deposits in the unfortunate event they go under. This figure is often between £2,500 and £8,000, so most supplier deposits should be covered.

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Wedding insurance to cover for public liability

A wedding is a public event for better or worse, packed to the rafters with friends and family young and old alike. But where there’s crowds, there’s risks. We’ve heard horror stories of in-laws suing their counterparts and turning the perfect day into the perfect nightmare. Check that your wedding insurance policy covers public liability and that this covers the policyholder, bride and groom with respect to amounts found legally liable to pay for death, bodily injury or damage to property. This ensures that any such emergencies won’t cause greater financial trouble in the future.

Insurance whatever the weather

Again, how much you splash out on for your wedding insurance will reflect your level of cover. Some insurers and basic policies won’t pay out for public liability, bad weather or marquee cover. However, you can pay a bigger fee or higher premium to include this in your policy. The weather can change dramatically, particularly here in the UK, without warning and as anyone who’s ever planned an outdoor event can attest, one eye will always be on the skies. Check that your insurance covers the costs of cancellation or postponement if the wedding party can’t make it due to severe weather – the ground might be damp, but your spirits needn’t be. Jamie&Emma-470a

Insurance for weddings abroad

It’s been estimated that as many as one in four couples now choose to hold their wedding abroad (and considering the reasons above, it certainly can be an attractive option.) However, travelling to foreign countries can bring its own fair share of risks: luggage can take its own unplanned vacation and flights can often be unexpectedly delayed. Even in the case of domestic weddings, delayed flights can hinder guests coming from overseas. If you are planning a destination wedding, it’s worth taking out a specialist policy. Not all basic wedding insurance policies will cover weddings abroad, and you may have to fork out a little extra to ensure your dream wedding is covered. However, with myriad factors involved in planning a wedding abroad, it’s worth covering all bases.

NB: You will also need to take out travel insurance to cover the travel and ‘holiday’ aspect of your wedding abroad, particularly if you’re rolling straight into your honeymoon. 

Rings and irreparable things

Rings get lost. They’re only small after all. Sparkling dresses and pristine outfits are just crying out for stains, snags and tears. With the average costs of both running into the thousands, why not insure yourself with a level of protection up to £3,000 and £6,000 in respective costs? What’s more, you’re protecting against the ever present risk of opportune thieves – it’s an unpleasant thing tot think about, but it is an unavoidable reality to face. Skepper_126

People passing on

As sad as it is, people pass away and companies and suppliers can’t always reorganise or refund in the event of last minute and unforeseen cancellations of weddings. Your wedding insurance policy should cover the cost of cancellation due to unexpected death or seriousness illness within the wedding party.

Smile for the camera

Professional photography costs. Good professional photography costs even more. There’s no price you can put on making sure the perfect pictures are spot on, and in the event of a no show or technical malfunctions, the majority of wedding insurance policies should pay out. culzean_castle_wedding_clairepennphotography_116

Wedding insurance costs, but it’s worth it…

With the average cost of a wedding here in the UK now upwards of £30,000, it’s no wonder you’ll want to safeguard all that money you’ve splashed out on your big day.

However, it’s worth remembering wedding insurance will come at a cost, and, as with any other insurance, the more you pay, the more you’re covered. According to Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert, “policies are available from £19 for weddings of £2,500 and go beyond £300 for a £100,000 wedding.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t still shop around for a good deal though. You should get wedding insurance if you will be out of pocket should anything go wrong.

It’s also worth noting that you can buy wedding insurance up to two years before the big day, giving you a greater window for coverage, plus longer to spread the cost of monthly payments.

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