You might be struggling to keep your wider wedding budget under control, but bridal accessories is definitely one area where you can apply some savvy saving techniques! Here, bridal jewellery expert Julieann Beads shows you how it’s possible to spend less and still look fabulous…

Mix and match

Hair accessories can be a big outlay for something that you will only wear once. Instead of one expensive tiara, why not opt for a lower cost small bridal comb and a few pins or clusters of grips? These can be arranged in groups to create a high-impact look for less. Mix and match the styles to create an elaborate big day finish.

Make an investment

Why not spend your wedding accessories budget on a few key pieces of bridal jewellery that you will wear again and again long after your wedding day? Even a statement and more expensive piece of bridal jewellery will effectively cost less if you wear it lots of times!

Perfect presents

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It is wonderful to include family members and friends in your wedding planning. So why not ask them if they would treat you to your bridal jewellery for your next birthday or Christmas present? People are often stuck for gift ideas and love to be part of your wedding preparations.

Double up!

Make your bridesmaids’ accessories their thank you gifts. Simply tell them you have their jewellery sorted and give them a wonderful surprise on the big day. It also ensures that your girls will be wearing accessories which fit in with your wedding theme.

Reader offers

Many of the leading bridal accessory suppliers offer Wedding Ideas readers unique offers throughout the year. These can be in the form of money-off discounts, free postage or additional jewellery items when you spend over a certain amount on wedding accessories. Keep your eyes open or why not take out a subscription so you don’t miss out?

Ask for a discount

If you’re buying a few pieces of wedding jewellery or maybe it’s bridal accessories for you and your bridesmaids, why not ask your bridal supplier if they’ll offer you a discount? You’ll lose nothing by asking so long as you are polite and reasonable.

Shop wisely

Make your pennies go further by shopping carefully. For the money you are spending on a particular piece of jewellery, is there another supplier offering something similar but with higher quality components such as real pearls instead of faux or glass ones?

Beware of hidden extras

Maybe you’re buying not just for yourself but your girls, too; check to make sure their jewellery comes in its own gift boxes otherwise you could end up paying for extra packaging. Watch out for postage costs, too. Do your homework and avoid surprises at the checkout!

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