Your bridesmaids are your rock during the wedding planning process and your actual wedding day.

They’re your go-to-girls and you couldn’t be without them, so make sure they know how much you need them and love them in these extra special ways… C&M121 (1)

Ask them in a special way

First things first, you need to ask them to be your bridesmaid. It’s the perfect way to begin the planning and you don’t have to bust your budget. We love the idea of putting together a little box of goodies, full of stuff that represents your friendship together. This could be sentimental photos, CDs, concert tickets… whatever you can think of! All you need to do now is write a short but sweet message that says why you are choosing her to be your bridesmaid. Michelle-Simon-521

Introduce everyone

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Don’t forget that your bridesmaids probably won’t all know each other and inevitably, this can sometimes lead to awkward silences and uncomfortable small talk. Introduce them to one another – what better excuse to call for a girly day or night out! If this proves difficult due to distance, use social media to get everyone talking. Creating a group on WhatsApp is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and to keep up to date with all the plans you’ve got going on. Natasha Jack s Wedding-Group Photos-0042

Listen to their ideas

Weddings bring out the wedding planner in all of us – we all have big ideas in our heads of what we want and what we don’t want (thank you Pinterest!). But be sure to involve your girls in the wedding planning process and ask their opinions. It’s their duty as bridesmaid to help you out and to help give you extra ideas and inspo. Don’t dismiss their ideas straight away just because it’s not what you had in your head! If you shoot them down straight away, you might just miss out on a winning idea for your wedding! They might also feel unappreciated and as if they are getting in the way – no one wants to make their bridesmaids feel like that!

Shop, shop, shop!

So you’ve probably already chosen the theme for your wedding and envisioned a bridesmaid dress design that fits in with it, but it’s vital that you take your girlfriends shopping with you to get their dresses. You’ve got to make sure they’re happy with your choice. Explain what your vision for the day is and show them the dress you’d like them to wear, then listen to what they have to say. They have to feel comfortable in it and if they don’t they won’t enjoy your special day quite as much. Remember, bridesmaids come in all different shapes and sizes, and you want them all smiling at the end of the day, don’t you! Matthew and Lindsey-112

Time to relax

Both you and your girls need to take time out during the wedding planning and have a little bit of relaxation time. Taking your BFFs on a spa break or even a night in with a bottle (or two) of wine and a couple of face masks is the perfect way to wind down. It also means you will all look and feel beautiful on your big day! 037

Always be grateful

Before your special day is over, thank your bridesmaids personally – they will really appreciate this. Take a few moments out of your day to let them know how great they’ve been, and show your love! Maybe even give them a pretty little gift to show it! Don’t know what to get? We’ve got some ideas below, don’t you worry. Oh, and make sure you also get some fab photographs! A framed group picture is a gorgeous memento of the day when it’s over.

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Communication is key

Miscommunication will cause unnecessary stress, so good communication with your maids is super important when planning your wedding. If you feel overwhelmed, let your bridesmaids know rather than coming across as a bridezilla. Keeping your girls in the loop will also avoid any disasters or mishaps if they’re helping to organise your special day. 038-Ravinder-Crone-Photographer-Notley-Abbey-Wedding-Buckinghamshire-Wedding-Ideas-Magazine

Personalised gifts

Treat your girls to a thoughtful gift, and make it extra special for your girls by giving something personal! Why not treat them to a gorgeous piece of jewellery with their initials engraved on it? When you decide to give your gift to your girls is entirely up to you – if they can wear it on your wedding day, give to them while you’re all getting ready! Or have an post-wedding evening out where you can look back on your favourite moments and present your maids with their gifts.

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