8 Things Your Groom Is Secretly Thinking…

You may think you know your husband-to-be inside out, but some things, he might keep to himself. Any of these would have almost definitely gone through his mind from before the proposal right through to the wedding night!

8 things your groom is secretly thinking...

Will she say yes?

Even though getting married might be something you both have talked about previously, it doesn’t mean your man wasn’t super nervous before popping the question. And when you’re nervous, it’s not uncommon for you to doubt yourself or what you’re doing – it’s not unknown to hear that grooms have questioned whether or not you’ll be saying yes back!


Don’t ask what I think and then ignore it

We know all too well how seriously brides take their wedding planning – it is one of the most special days of their lives after all. However, it is one of the most special days for the groom as well. Do make sure you include him in making decisions, and listen. Hand over some wedding-related responsibilities for him to deal with, too!

Appreciate me more

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Because if your h2b has aced his wedding chores, or just because, do make sure you appreciate him and his efforts. Wedding planning can get pretty hectic so if he does something well, congratulate and thank him. DOn’t let wedding planning consume you right up until the day and forget the one person that matters the most and reason this is all happening! Arrange a date night at least once a week for yourselves to spend some quality time together and take a break from all things wedding.


I want you to look like you

Yes, you want to look as glam and as beautiful as possible because it’s your big day, but don’t go for a totally different look because of it! The moment you’re walking up the aisle probably isn’t the best moment for your husband-to-be not be able to recognise you. Enhance yourself and the person he fell in love with…

Don’t trip, please

The reason he won’t admit that he’s thinking this to your face, is because he just knows it’s up there with one of your worst fears. Falling over as you walk down the aisle is every bride’s nightmare, and it’s the husband’s responsibility to reassure them prior to the day that ‘It won’t happen to you!’ and not to worry, when in reality, the thought of this happening sends shivers down his spine too. The important and most sensible thing to consider would be your shoe choice and heel height – if you never wear heels and are likely to fall flat on your face because of it, who says you have to wear heels? Also make sure when you pick your dress from your boutique that you can comfortably walk in it!


How much can I drink?

The moment comes when the drinks are flowing at the reception, when every groom thinks, ‘How much is acceptable?’. The answer is that, really, it’s entirely up to you. We would say keep the heavy drinking/loss of dignity and memory to the stag weekend though. But all that’s important is that you enjoy yourself, and preferably remember your wedding day, too.

Four words: the best man’s speech

Sometimes you just don’t know what the best man’s speech will come out with – will it be emotional, embarrassing, well-prepared, off the cuff, or a mixture of all of the above? If your husband-to-be, or even YOU are worried about what could come out the best man’s mouth at this important time, make sure you let him know where the line is in order to keep it more Grandma-friendly.


Do I have to have sex on my wedding night?

Believe it or not, having sex is not the most popular activity of choice on your wedding night – going straight to sleep is! In fact, only 50% end up ‘making it official’ on their wedding night, so there’s no need to feel the pressure in this case, ladies and gents. But if you think it’s a must, fear not – we’ve got some fool proof ways to guarantee the consummation of your marriage.


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