We love to hear your amazing and fun stories of your hen parties, but sometimes some rules need to be laid out! Here are 8 things you should never do at a hen party, whether you’re the bride herself, or any of the hens…

Make it too expensive

Whoever is organising the hen party has got to remember the number of people involved, and consider them too. Planning a weekend away for a hen do is a great idea, as long as there’s a mutual agreement for those going. The same goes for the activities you add into the weekend; don’t just add in spa treatments, zorbing, and a huge VIP night out without consulting the others and their purses!

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Take over

Hen parties are synonymous with being loud and a little bit crazy so if you’re heading to a public place, don’t act like it’s all yours. Especially in restaurants, other people are there to enjoy a nice meal too, and possibly for a different special occasion, so don’t be shouting ‘SHOTS!’ across the whole place and ignoring why other people are there. Leave the singing, dancing and shots until the club!

Embarrass the bride

The hen night is all about the bride’s ‘last night of freedom’ – celebrating and having lots of fun with her friends before her surname changes and the wedding ring is on her finger. You want to make it a night for the bride-to-be to remember, and not one she wants to try and forget. Don’t do anything you don’t think she’d be comfortable with. And that means, if she didn’t specifically ask for a male stripper, it’s probably better to NOT get a male stripper…

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The disappearing act

On a night out, it’s not the time to go exploring, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place for this hen do. Always make sure at least one of the other girls know where you are at all times. For more top tips on how to stay safe on your hen do, have a looksie right here.

Overdo it

We’re talking alcohol, and we’re talking to every single one of you in the hen party! Don’t be the one that goes home early, or worse – has to be taken home early due to your lack of ability to stand up after a few too many. A premature union with your pillow and bed only means you’ll miss out on fun! You want it to be a memorable night for everyone. Don’t go around encouraging four more jaegerbombs if you know they don’t need it.

things-you-shouldnt-do-hen-party-Things You Shouldn't Do On A Hen Do 8

Pretend you’re a pole dancing expert

After one or two, or five cocktails, a certain confidence strikes, right? Well, don’t take this confidence too far with that oh-so well-known pole in the club. Spinning around it – most likely, ungracefully – is one thing, but a hen party is really not the time to be trying to master the ‘Superman’ or seeing what it’s like to be upside down. Stick to the dancefloor – attempting to twerk is less likely to break your back.

Start bridal party drama

The hen do is certainly NOT the time to bring up the problems you have with the other bridesmaids, or the issues you have with the recently-chosen bridesmaid dresses. We’re not saying to completely keep quiet on any comments of this type – just keep your mouth shut at this moment in time, otherwise it could get blown out of proportion and the night ends in tears. Nobody wants that!

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Share photos without consent

Aha – social media. It’s great for almost everything else, apart from when it comes to those photos that you don’t want to be shared. Whoever is organising the hen party should make sure that everyone knows the rules of photos! Each person should give consent whether it’s okay, or not, to upload the photograph to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… even if you do put a nice filter on it!

Maybe you’re not having such a heavy hen do? If you’re planning something a little more calm and quaint, check out these cute, girly hen party ideas!

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