Just engaged? Or still not quite sure where to start with your wedding planning? Well, here’s the first 8 task you should get done…

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Send engagement cards

This is such an exciting time; why not announce your engagement by sending your friends and family an engagement card! Make sure you only send to people you are sure will be invited to the big day though. Make them fun, they don’t have to match your theme just yet.

Look for a venue

Make sure you make this fun too, include each other and visit as many places as possible. Think about the style of wedding you are dreaming of having! A church ceremony and traditional reception, a modern city wedding, a rustic affair with DIY details, or are you planning to marry abroad?

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Book the date

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Once the all-important venue is chosen, it’s time to book the date! Think about any specific holidays or times of the year you’d like to avoid. Weekday booking are often much less expensive but may limit who can come – that’s just one way of saving, we’ve got more right here!

Send save the date cards

So the venue and date are booked… yay! Now is the time to make, at least the draft, of your wedding guest list – remember to think about the day and evening guests. Once this is done, send those save the date cards. Russet and Gray have just launched a super cute calendar style card – email [email protected] for details.

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Plan your budget

This is one of the biggest tasks you will face but it’s so important to spend some time looking at the figures. Try to prioritise where the majority of your money will go. Do you want to spend big on the photographer but have less to spend on a dress? Would you prefer to have expensive rings but choose a cheaper catering option? Whatever choice you make, there will always need to be some flexibility.

Visit wedding fairs

There are some fabulous wedding fairs held all over the country nowadays. Some amazing suppliers are to be found by popping along to some of these fairs. It’s always a benefit to speak face-to-face with potential suppliers too, you can really get to understand the way they work and get to know them a little more personally.

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Bookmark your favourite blogs

Magazines are still a firm favourite way to get inspiration, find suppliers and seek help with your planning. However, dedicated wedding blogs are fast-becoming an equal source of information. Pinterest boards are also a fabulous way to contain all that online searching. Pinning all your favourite ideas is a great way for the suppliers you end up booking to see at a glance the wedding you are aiming to create.


As exciting as all the planning is, try to enjoy just being engaged! Take a little break once in a while; maybe book a night away and pop open a bottle of fizz. Luxury!

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Now, where to go from here?! Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of things to help you with your wedding planning