8 Super Awkward Wedding Moments And How To Overcome Them!

While many aspects of planning your wedding are nothing short of exciting and wonderful there are a few surprise moments which may leave you feeling uncomfortable and a little anxious. We’ve compiled a list of the most awkward wedding moments to arise and how to overcome or avoid these cringe-worthy moments…

Telling your friend she’s not your bridesmaid

Having to tell one of your friends that she isn’t your bridesmaid is probably one of the biggest hurdles in the planning stage of the wedding. The best way to let her know that you still care about her is to tell her quietly and ask her to do something else important at the wedding, for example make a special speech!

8 Super Awkward Wedding Moments And How To Overcome Them!

Inviting work colleagues to the wedding

If you don’t want to invite everyone in the office to your wedding, you’re definitely not obligated to. The rule is, if you socialise with them outside of work, then your friendship is more likely to be genuine. It’s your day, just invite your closest work friends but be discreet about it.

Inviting your mum or mother in-law to the hen do

Inviting your mum to your hen do can be a tricky decision. If you feel like you won’t be able to let your hair down, relax and have fun then don’t invite her. An alternative can be to do something a bit more formal to celebrate with your mum rather than taking her out with your friends. Equally, your mum may not fancy a drunk night on the town! If that is the case, use this opportunity to have a second hen party – perhaps a spa day, activities or a weekend away?! It’s important to make sure she doesn’t feel left out.

Messing up the first dance

Every bride fears messing up the first dance, whether that means stepping on the groom’s toes or falling to the floor, all eyes are on you. It is definitely something that should be practiced even a few times, it doesn’t have to be choreographed but take some time with it. Still on the look out for the perfect first dance song to suit your style? Whether you’re a slow shuffle or flash mob scene kind of couple, take the personality quiz and find out the PERFECT first dance song for you…

8 Super Awkward Wedding Moments And How To Overcome Them!

Going to the ladies room in your dress

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This may be something that’s overlooked when choosing your perfect wedding dress, but essential on the night of the wedding reception. Whilst this shouldn’t dictate the ease of your wedding dress per say, it’s a good idea to prepare your bridesmaids and your MOH of their potential duties including toilet assistance!


Photo angles

It’s a given that on your wedding day there will be hundreds of photos taken of you and your h2b. Do not feel anxious by this if you’re not particularly photogenic. You’ve paid a professional photographer to take photos of you and they’ll know what angles look the most flattering. If this is potential worry for you, make sure you speak with your photographer pre-wedding so you can discuss poses and even have a taster shoot to practice.

Deciding between lingerie or supportive underwear

This can be a tricky decision because you want to feel your absolute beautiful best on your wedding day, right? But at the same time comfort is no 1. Wearing tummy-tucking underwear with a non-VPL will be really forgiving when you’re wearing your princess gown. It’s definitely something to keep in mind and remember you’ll always have the chance to change into something less comfortable quickly after the wedding reception!

8 Awkward wedding moments

Dealing with family feuds

Most of the time, relatives will be civil with each other at a wedding even if they don’t get on with each other. After all, they love you and are there for you on your big day – they won’t be focusing on each other. If you are worried however, then make sure they aren’t sat on the same table or sat near each other at the ceremony. It’s probably best to keep the distance between them. Check out our seating plan guide for unconventional families.


We hope with a little preparation none of these moments will spring up on you on your wedding day and if they do, they are all salvageable! That might be more than we can say for these though! 10 text messages that no bride wants to receive before her big day!