As you probably know, one of the first things you do once your hubby-to-be proposes and the ring is on your finger is choose your bridesmaids! And you’re going to have at least one best friend in the bridesmaid mix, of course…

Love at first sight

From the moment you met, you knew… You and your bridesmaid had that kind of friendship where being each others’ bridesmaids was one of the first conversations you had, and was a conversation that made a regular appearance from then on. That board on Pinterest of your favourite bridesmaid dresses is for her completely, and to be honest, she’s probably been pinning away just for you too, (even if she isn’t engaged). James and Amanda's Wedding (505)

The proposal

You asking her to be your bridesmaid was almost as romantic and almost as well planned out as the proposal of your hubby-to-be asking you to marry him. Actually, it was probably equally romantic and just as well planned out. And the reaction? Your best friend was just as excited saying ‘yes’ to being your bridesmaid as you were when you said ‘yes’ to marrying the love of your life. This is a big moment for her too – it’s always nice doing something a little bit special.

Planning process

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Whether it’s because you’re joint at the hip, or because you having the perfect wedding day is super important to her, or for both those reasons, your bessie will be SO excited about your big day and willing to help out at any point along the way. She’ll cancel her plans for dress shopping and she’ll be sending you links of wedding-related goodies over Facebook all day long. Plus, she’ll definitely know when it’s time to come round yours with a bottle of wine. Elizabeth + Graham {Pembroke Lodge Wedding)-602

Hilarious hens

She’s decided to take the task of planning the hen party on by herself, and do you know what? You don’t even care. You and her have had so many conversations revolving around this topic, that she’s going to plan pretty much exactly what you have in mind. She knows that you don’t want a stripper (or that you secretly do) and she knows where you want to go… Her planning your hen was like Don’t Tell the Bride, but no mess-ups, and definitely no sky diving to your venue. C&M585


The moment you step out of the changing room in the bridal boutique – even if it was the seventh one you visited, –  you could tell by the look on your best friend’s face that she knew it was the one, just as much as you did. Whether you could tell that she agreed with you by the grin that went from one ear to the other, or by the mascara running down her face that she didn’t know was there, you just knew. And what a feeling! 506

Bridal bod

It’s not uncommon to see the bride and bridesmaids wanting to get into shape for the big day, and having your best friend by your side is great. You can have your ups together, and you can have your downs together. By downs, we mean that completely and utterly delicious chocolate pudding that you don’t regret in any way whatsoever, and will most definitely have again tomorrow. Besides, it doesn’t even matter because you’re getting a decent set of abs from the amount you laugh together anyway. rachel_dave-394

Wedding day jitters

On the big day, you’ll be getting ready together and you’ll see that she’s nearly as nervous as you are. But she won’t just be nervous for herself, she’ll be there faffing over you – making sure every hair strand is in place, there are no eyeliner smudges in sight and your lip gloss is on point every second of the day. Consider her your personal stylist… a stylist that may shed a tear when you’re saying your ‘I Dos’ with your new hubby. But that’s okay, you’ll be turning on the waterworks at her wedding too. Hollie&Paul-385

Missing ‘moon

After spending so long together, planning your perfect day and having all the fun that brides and her bridesmaids do, it’s no doubt that she’s going to have withdrawal symptoms, as well as the wedding blues that probably won’t hit you until your home. You’ve got to sympathise. You and your new hubby should expect multiple ‘I miss you’, ‘Are you coming home yet?’, and the vague yet loving ‘Xxx’ text messages while you’re away, and do expect her to be lying and waiting for you on your doorstep when you’re back on home turf (the worst case scenario of withdrawal symptoms). 2013TRP_Neal&Wendy_highres166

So yes, you’ve chosen your best girls, but what do your bridesmaids NEED to know for the big day?