The slow motion video booth is the latest way to entertain and excite your wedding guests at the reception but what makes it so special? Wedding Ideas spoke to the guys at Slomo-Booth to find out…

It’s fun!

Slowmo-Booth is immensely entertaining in many ways. The clips are played back on a big screen for everyone to view. It’s a engaging interactive icebreaker and a great way to get the party started. Everyone will want to try it and it’s hilarious just watching the other guest’s performances.

It creates unique memories

It’s a great new way to capture the memories of a wedding party. It expresses the party mood in a way that photos and normal videos just can’t. We produce a three to five minute edited clip to music; it’s like staring in your own music video.

It’s easy to share

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The video clips produced are easy to share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo. People will want to watch, share and re-watch the video over and over again. It’s fun and positive way to share your wedding experience and a brilliant keepsake after the day.

Amazing visuals

Everything looks better in slow motion. We shoot at an amazing 240 frames per second. This results in beautiful flowing slow motion. People glide through the frame, confetti appears to float and that most romantic kiss is even more powerful in slow motion.

You can still have photos

Still want photos? Slowmo-Booth can do both. The HD video is good enough to produce any number of high quality stills for web and print.

Mix it up with props

Slomo-Booth provide confetti, streamers, bubble, party cannons and poppers, hats, wigs and more. We supply everything to make your experience visual and memorable.

New concept

For the first time Slowmo-Booth is bringing technology that was only previously available to the high-end film and television industry. Unlike a traditional photo booth, Slowmo-Booth is a boutique experience – you can choose the backdrop, music and video editing style. A Slowmo-Booth at your wedding is going to be a talking point for years to come.

Banish boring videos

We’ve all had to sit through wedding videos that are longer then Ben Hur, and longer isn’t always better. Slowmo-Booth captures the spirit of the day, in a short accessible clip that everyone just wants to watch again and again – without getting bored.

Find out more about this fun way to entertain your guests at the SloMo-Booth website or check out our Entertainment section for more ideas.