There are many, many reasons why being a bride is the best feeling in the world, from the moment your hubby drops down on one knee with a rock, to the moment you have your first kiss as man and wife. Cleao Greave explains why it’s the best thing EVER!

It’s all about you

Your wedding day is a literally a day where you and your partner can embrace each other. Everything on the day is for the both of you; everyone is there to celebrate your love and marriage. Most importantly, it is a day to celebrate the start of your lives together!

The dress

Choosing your wedding dress is possibly the best part of the wedding planning. It’s what every girl dreams of! It’s one time you can buy a really expensive dress without having to justify the price tag. Jones006

Wonderful company

One of the best things about the wedding is being able to spend a whole day with your closest friends and family. It’s all about love, laughter and celebration!

Pamper time

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Although the morning of wedding is pretty stressful, it’s also a chance to be pampered by professionals whilst drinking champagne with your best girls. You can get your hair and make-up done professionally while you sit back, relax and think about married life! SEAN_ELLIOTT_PHOTOGRAPHY-83

Hen do

You may find it hard to get all of your best friends together at the same time to catch up and have a party. However, your hen do is the perfect time for this! And what better reason to meet up to celebrate the fact you’re transitioning to married life. There are many ways to have a hen do, rather than going all out with sashes and tiaras, you could have a more formal affair where you dress up and have a sophisticated cocktail party.

Romantic honeymoon

Whether you decide to go to a hot country, go travelling or simply rent a quiet cottage in the countryside, a romantic getaway directly after your wedding is the perfect way to start married life. It gives you both a chance to let your hair down after months of planning your perfect wedding and look back on your memories.


Dream wedding

Everyone has an idea in their head as to what they want their wedding to be like, whether it’s a princess wedding, boho-inspired big day or a Disney themed affair, we’ve all been dreaming about the idyllic wedding since we were children. Now you’re a bride, you finally get to plan every single aspect of it, even from choosing what kind of cutlery you want! Although wedding planning is stressful, it’ll be completely worth it.

Love of your life

You know what the best bit of being a bride is? You get to marry the love of your life: your soulmate, your best friend and your love. If that’s not the best thing in the world, we don’t know what is! Christina_Jon_Wedding_0390.fw

How do you know if you’re marrying the love of your life? We can tell you, fear not!