You and your husband-to-be have no doubt put a lot of thought into your first dance song, but one of the most important pieces of wedding music is the processional. It’s the piece of music that will be playing when your groom first lays eyes on you as a bride, and what will play as you walk down the aisle towards him. If you’re determined to get his lower lip trembling, then you need that music to be emotional – here are a few of our suggestions for processional songs that will have him tearing up!

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Eight Processional Songs Guaranteed to Have Your Groom in Tears

‘Chasing Cars’, by Snow Patrol

It goes without saying that a lot of grooms probably won’t be swept off their feet by a bit of Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Try choosing an emotional song from a band that he loves and he’s far more likely to connect to the music. This gorgeous track from Snow Patrol has the perfect crescendo for the entrance of the bride, and has lovely lyrics too!

‘Ára Bátur’, by Sigur Rós

This Icelandic band create some frankly stunning instrumental music, and you won’t have to worry about the lyrics, as they’re all either in Icelandic or made up! This beautiful song builds slowly and is nearly nine minutes long, so you’ll have plenty of time to get a large bridal party down the aisle before the entrance of the bride. By the time you appear, your groom is likely to be seriously choked up.

‘Never Stop’ (wedding version), by Safetysuit

This one is all about the lyrics. If you’re choosing a song like this, listen to the words together beforehand, so that when the song’s played on the day the full importance of them will hit you both. They almost act like an extra vow! There are actually two versions of ‘Never Stop’ – this pretty piano wedding version, and the much rockier original for brides who don’t want to be subtle. We love them both!

‘Moon River’, originally by Henry Mancini

If your other half loves the classics, then he’s sure to love this. This is an incredible version of the song ‘Moon River’, which you may have seen sung by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If your ceremony space is grand and formal, then this powerful rendition by the London Philharmonic Orchestra will blow everyone away, and the harmonica solo will provide the perfect point for the bridal entrance.

‘She’s Always a Woman’, by Billy Joel

This song might seem a little less lyrically romantic than other options on this list, but we think it’s a fantastic choice. It will reflect that your groom loves you for both your good and bad qualities, and that he’ll always remember how you look walking down the aisle towards him no matter how old you both grow. Someone pass the tissues…

‘Here, There and Everywhere’, originally by The Beatles

If you and your husband-to-be can’t decide on a song that has a personal connection, then choosing a classic love song from a band like The Beatles is a smart decision. Most people will recognise and love it, and it will remain a classic for years to come. The original version of this song is amazing, but we also love this acoustic version arranged by Per-Olov Kindgren – it’s an excellent pace for a processional.

‘Grow Old With You’, by Adam Sandler

Songs from film soundtracks are very popular for modern wedding ceremonies, as they are often instrumental and nearly always elicit powerful emotions. This is no epic instrumental, but it is incredibly sweet. If your partner loves this movie, then he’ll have fond memories of this song and its lovely message.

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