With the help of Warble Entertainment, we’ve put together eight of the hottest wedding entertainment acts for 2015. Which one would work for your day…

Live bands

With the live music scene more popular than ever, this year hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to festivals in the UK alone. Even in the pouring rain and mud up to the knees, we just can’t get enough of the buzz that live music gives us. So it’s no surprise that brides and grooms are spending more of their budget to get a great band to play to end their big day in style. From 3-piece rock bands, to 8-piece soul or motown groups, the choice is endless! But be quick, the 2015 diaries are filling up as we speak.


Fire performers

Continuing along the festival theme, bride and grooms seem to be moving away from the traditional firework display, towards the more exotic idea of fire performers. With their dazzling feats of daring skills and tricks, not to mention the stylish execution, it’s easy to see why this is proving to be literally one of the hottest wedding entertainment acts for the new year! This can be a versatile act with regards to budget and space, with options of single to nine-person performances, which will leave your guests in awe.



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If you don’t have a bunch of A-list friends to invite along to your wedding, how about a professional lookalike to add a touch of celebrity to your big day? With a huge selection of lookalikes, from Del Boy to Marilyn Monroe to Captain Jack Sparrow, you can create a different atmosphere and ambiance, as well as making for great photo opportunities!


Dancers may seem like a strange choice for wedding entertainment to some, but it is in fact emerging as a popular choice for the new year. Mainly down to the fact that more and more people are choosing to theme their big day, and dancers are a great and memorable way to promote a chosen theme. Whether you are looking for flapper dancers for your Great Gatsby affair, Can-can dancer for your Parisian production, or showgirls for your Bond Bash, there are so many options for you to choose from.

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Comedy acts

It seem like brides and grooms don’t want to take themselves too seriously in 2015, and are looking to add a bit more personality to their wedding day with the help of some comedy entertainment. Whether that is a stand-up comedian for after dinner, or walkabout acts during the drinks reception, it looks like laughter is the quickest way to your guests’ hearts in 2015.

Acoustic Musicians

With more and more new and unique wedding venues cropping up, the need for entertainment to suit is also on the up! This is why fully acoustic musicians are proving to be one of the most booked wedding entertainment acts. A problem for many venues is noise restrictions, which limits the type of band you can hire, and so couples are opting for the acoustic option.

Mind-reading magicians

Gone are the days of pulling a stuffed rabbit out of a hat, or those dodgy card tricks. Thanks to the popularity of TV magicians like Dynamo, professional magicians are also becoming more and more popular for weddings. They’ll provide stimulating, captivating and thought-provoking mind-reading magic that will most definitely wow your guests.



Caricaturists are one of the most-booked wedding acts at the moment, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down for the new year. It’s very obvious why they’re such a hit at weddings; not only are they extremely versatile with regards to placing and spacing, but they also provide a really unique wedding favour for each of your guests to take home. Many caricaturists are being commissioned to provide caricatures for invitations and wedding stationery, too!

You can get more ideas from Warble Entertainment’s website, or like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you’re struggling with how to choose the entertainment that best suits your venue? We can help here!