With the holiday season full of romance and proposals, we got photographer Matt Bowen to share with us some of the most romantic wedding photographs he’s seen in 2014 and why he loves them. We’re sure to see plenty more loved up snaps this year too…


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Manchester Wedding Photographer Great John Street Hotel Wedding Claire and Matthew 337

I love the way Matthew is looking at Claire in this photo, like he’s won first prize in life’s lottery, and who can him him. They were both so happy on their wedding day and this images shows them completely relaxed with each other.


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Staffordshire Wedding Photography Packington Moor Wedding Emily and Lee 298

The light falling through these apple trees added an extra dimension to this lovely photo of Emily and Lee. One aspect of romance to me is about making each other smile and they are definitely doing that in this picture.


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8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Cheshire Wedding Photographer Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Naomi and Lewis 257

Again, this shows how important laughing together is. I think Lewis had just referred to the train on Naomi’s dress as her ‘tail’.


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Cheshire Wedding Photographer Bowdon Rooms Wedding Emma and Chris 309

It’s what you can’t see as much as what you can see that makes this image so romantic for me. Emma’s heels of the ground is a classic pose you might see in a movie and then it’s left to your imagination as to what’s happening in the top half of this picture.


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Cheshire Wedding Photographer Adlington Hall Wedding Anna and Guy 292

Romance can mean many things and in this image I think you see the romance of the wedding day. Everyone is happy and gets caught up in the spirit of the day.


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Cheshire Wedding Photographer Crewe Hall Wedding Becki and Martin 285

Becki’s veil sweeping up and leading you into the kiss tells you all you need to know about this image.


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Staffordshire Wedding Photographer The Ashes Wedding Katie and Martin 290

I love how Katie’s dress stands out against the grass and the dark clouds in the background of this image. It puts me in mind of something from a Thomas Hardy novel.


8-most-romantic-wedding-photographs-Cheshire Wedding Photographer Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Naomi and Lewis 30

Another image not featuring the bride and groom but again full of romance for me. Real love between Grandma and Granddaughter.

The Retreat Wedding Photography

Matt says, “I often get asked if The Retreat is an actual physical place, I tell people it’s where I feel most loved, where I feel special and safe, and where I can be myself. It’s not a place at all, it’s a person.

With my wedding photography, I want to tell the story of people’s lives together, culminating in their wedding day. In years to come, when they look back at their wedding photography they should instantly be taken back to that moment in time and recall the happy, smiling faces and the fun they had.

When I’m at a wedding there are no false smiles, no herding of guests and no overly posed shots. Instead I’m there to record those forgettable moments, and the things you don’t see on the day.

I love telling stories packed with emotion. The best way I can think of doing that is to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and stress-free so that you feel and look your very best. You won’t find me telling you to smile, or hug or kiss because hopefully that will come naturally.

There are certain things you know will happen within the structure of a wedding, but what changes and makes each wedding unique is the people.

I’ve never been into structure but I do love people. I used to be a journalist and my favourite part of that job was interviewing people and finding out all about them. If we’re going to go on a journey together through your wedding and create something special then I want to know everything about you. How you met, your first date, your favourite song, your favourite drink, and how your partner makes you feel. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

You can visit The Retreat at theretreat.co or email [email protected], and mention Wedding Ideas magazine when getting in touch for a special offer!