Drinks? Check! Sexy outfit? Check! But there are 8 other hen night essentials that you simply must take with you on your last night of freedom. Drop UKGirlThing’s handy list into a conversation with your maid of honour and put your mind at ease…

Don’t forget the… Costumes

You might decide to go all-out fancy dress for your hen party, or you could go for something more subtle like sashes, T-shirts or a colour theme. Either way, an aspect of your outfit that unites you as a group is a must. It also comes in handy when out in busy bars, serving as a visual pointer when locating your hens!


Don’t forget the… Chargers

There’s nothing worse than that perfect party moment being missed because your phone battery is low. Or witnessing the most comedic situation in hen party history but not being able to capture it because your camera won’t switch on! Memories are precious but having those photos to post on Facebook (or to keep hidden on your laptop forever more!) is an essential part of a girl’s night out. Make sure those chargers are at the top of your packing list.


Don’t forget the… Playlist

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No girls’ night out is complete without a soundtrack of their favourite tunes. Your ultimate hen night playlist will get you in the party mood and provide the perfect background track to getting ready. From classic ballads and chick flick favourites to teenage tunes, you’ll all be wanting to sing and dance your way to the best hen party evening ever!


Don’t forget the… Decorations

Think balloons, banners and bunting! Asking your accommodation provider or venue if you can visit earlier in the day before your hen night is really worth it – transform your room into a personalised celebration space for you and your hens.


Don’t forget the… Games

Hen parties often mean all sorts of friendship groups and families coming together. Break the atmospheric ice with games like the Wedding Ideas Mr and Mrs Quiz, naughty dares and more – these are sure to get the whole party mingling and giggling in no time.


Don’t forget the… Medical kit

There’s always one who gets a blister so they can’t walk, let alone dance. And don’t forget the girl who is sure to have a costume malfunction and end up baring more than she planned! Be sure to take that all-important first aid kit – complete with plasters and safety pins for those party hiccups.

8-hen-night-essentials-that-you-simply-cant-forget-katherineashdown.co.uk-Philip-and-Rebecca-440Don’t forget the… Flat shoes

Sometimes plasters and party feet just aren’t enough. We’ve all been there, when our hearts are with the dance floor but our heads can only think about plunging our aching feet into cold water. Roll up pumps, fold up ballerinas or comfy flip flops in your bag – carrying a spare pair of flats will help you ‘go hard’ rather than ‘go home’.


Don’t forget the… Recovery kit

It may seem over prepared but we guarantee you will all be extremely grateful to be greeted by a cold bottle of water and some paracetamol on the morning after. Make up your own recovery kits complete with fresh orange juice for a vitamin C and a packet of crisps to keep those savoury cravings at bay until you manage to find a good pub breakfast!


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