On your big day you will have invited lots of people that you both know and adore, but they may not know each other. Get the party started with these top entertainment ideas that are sure to break the ice!

Wedding photobooth christopherian

Photo booth fun!

Set up a photo booth with a box of fun accessories and let your guests go wild. They can stick their favourite photograph in a blank book you set up by the photo booth along with a personalised message. Take it from us, as the evening goes on your guests will get  more adventurous and you’ll have some great informal images to remember the evening by!

Yummy chocolate fountain

You don’t have to serve dessert if you’re having a sit-down dinner. Sweet-toothed guests will enjoy dipping a marshmallow or fresh piece of fruit into the molten chocolate – quite delicious. We’d advise that an adult supervises the children to an extent, because they can get quite enthusiastically messy.

Pick’n’mix party

If you’re having a buffet for your wedding breakfast a sweetie table is surprisingly popular with all ages. Buy retro sweets like Love Hearts, Sherbert Fountains and Flying Saucers. Leave striped paper bags out for your guests and let them tuck into their very own pick’n’mix. Alternatively as guests to bake a cake and have your very own British Bake-Off!

Casino Royale

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Let your guests have a mini flutter with your very own casino. They won’t be using real money however, but you can let them enjoy some fake money at their place settings as wedding favours. They’ll have loads the fun of seeing how much money they can make in an evening, even though it’s not real.

magician chrisbarberphotography

It’s a kind of magic

This is one of our favourite ice breakers. You may well have some tables where the guests don’t know one another and need some common ground so that they can get chatting.

Line dancing

This entertainment is perfect for all ages. Hire a line dancing caller and make sure your DJ plays the right music or get a package together that includes the caller and music. The good thing about this is that it’s very inclusive, simple and not enormously energetic. Watch your granny strut her stuff alongside her younger grand-daughter. And when everyone is dancing in formation it will make for some memorable photographs!

look alikes lissaalexandraphotography

Celebrity lookalikes

Hire some lookalikes from an agency and watch your guests do a double take as they wonder if it really is Cheryl Cole, George Clooney or even Prince Harry at your wedding. They’ll also love having their photographs taken with them too!

Petting zoo

This is a great way to entertain young and old. Hire a petting zoo full of cute rabbits and guinea pigs, which can be stroked and cuddled. If small furry creatures aren’t your thing, you might find some zoos have more exotic creatures, such as snakes and spiders! The organisers can set up a special pen or tent tucked away from the main part of the wedding, so they won’t be in the way. We’re sure the kids will want to keep coming back to this one.