Whether your dream wedding is a quiet country get-together with close friends and family or an all-out, gold-plated party with costume changes and fancy cars, it all costs money. So how do you save on your big day without sacrificing the fairytale? Here are a few tips from Tesco Bank to set you on the right path…


Set realistic financial goals

There’s no point setting a goal you can’t achieve – work out what you can afford to spend on your wedding before you think about what you actually want, and set out the budget and any big purchases when you first decide on the date. Opening a savings account or using online budgeting tools can help to get you started.

Plan ahead

If there are expensive additions you absolutely can’t do without, then make sure you have enough time to save for them. Spreading the cost over a longer time period will ease the pressure – the more time you have, the more options you will be presented with. This is one of the best wedding saving tips we can give you – plan ahead! You’ll also be able to take advantage of those seasonal sales that could offer up some bargains.



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Don’t get caught up in wanting to have it all. Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding, but there has to be a limit. Stop and think – can you really do without that designer dress? If the answer is no then make cutbacks elsewhere.

Get wed off-peak

Saturdays are the most sought-after day of the week to get married and will set you back the most, so switching to a mid-week wedding could save you a substantial amount – just be sure to give your guests enough warning so they can make arrangements to attend. If you really can’t control the day, you can still control the time – earlier morning or later afternoon weddings usually cost less as you slash your food bill considerably.


Make use of friends and family

Got a friend who’s a brilliant baker? Ask him or her to make the cake. Musician in your midst? That’s the wedding band sorted. Don’t be shy about asking your friends and family to get involved in your big day – chances are they’ll want to help out, and it’ll make for a really personal gift that will be far more meaningful than anything on your wedding list.

Shop around

Keep an open mind about what you want. Once you get your heart set on something – whether that’s a DJ, venue or dress – then it’ll be difficult to walk away if the cost is too high. Weddings can be stressful, so even the smallest set-back can feel like the end of the world. Viewing several options will give you a back-up plan.


Do what you can yourself

Making your own wedding favours and table decorations could lead to significant savings. Plan well enough in advance and DIY your details early. That way, it’ll be a nice way for you and your family to get excited about the wedding, rather than a stressful, last-minute headache.

Try something different

Don’t feel you have to stick with tradition – it’s your day, and you should have the wedding you want. Unless that involves a private jet or a solo performance by Beyoncé, it could work out a lot cheaper. Look at the parts that cost a lot of money (for example, a sit-down wedding breakfast) and see where you can save. Would a buffet, barbecue or a potluck feast be a better option? Stick to your own plan, and you could end up with the wedding of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

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