With the average UK bride being a size 16, we asked dress experts Veromia to give us their wedding dress shopping tips for buying the right gown for a curvier figure…


“The average UK bride is a size 16 plus so I would prefer to call a bride curvy rather than plus-size,” says Vivien from Veromia. “However if you are curvy, you will need to buy a dress that flatters your curves and slims down your silhouette.”


“It is best to look through bridal magazines and on bridal websites and find labels that cater for the fuller figure. Bridal gowns sampled in size 12 and 14 were designed for a size 12 figure, so you need to look for a label that specifically designs for a size 18 plus as this is a dress that has been designed especially with the curvier bride in mind. For example, the corsetry, the size of the bust cups and the proportions of the dress would have all been altered with a curvier figure in mind”

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“A dress designed for a size 12 girl will not look as good on a size 20 upwards as the proportions will not be correct. It is important that you try on a dress that is nearest to your dress size so that you do not have a surprise when your dress arrives.”

“Also remember that your dress could take three to four months to arrive, so start shopping a year before your wedding if you have the time. Otherwise start as soon as you can.”

“You need to visit a shop that stocks dresses for curvier brides. Nowadays, there are so many bridal boutiques that realise they must cater for brides of all shapes and sizes and who will have a good selection of dresses for you to try on. Go on to the Sonsie website at to see lots of stockists.”


“It is important for you to have the correct underwear before you try on any dresses. A well-fitting bra and a tummy control brief is a must when starting out, even though a lot of dresses will already have an inbuilt bra. With the right dress, you may not even need a bra at all! Jason Jennings, our multi-award winning, talented in-house designer for Veromia, designs Sonsie with the curvier bride in mind. These dresses have good internal corsetry so you will not need a bra, just pretty pants on the day.”


“Take your mum, or your mother-in-law-to-be, or your best friend with you and enjoy the experience of trying on dresses. No matter what size you are, this should be an enjoyable experience! It’s the one time in your life it’s all about you, so embrace this moment. Every bride knows when the dress they are trying on is the one. You will just feel different in it and know that this is the look you want for your wedding day.”


“Most dresses, if designed for the curvier bride will look good on you, but if you are quite short go for an A-line dress as this will make you appear taller. If you are tall, then a fishtail gown will suit you especially if you have a flat tummy. If you have nice shoulders go for a dress that shows this off. Full A-line gowns with a cross-over waist detail will be very flattering for every bride.”

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