Summer wedding season is upon us, and it’s time to get your little ones looking gorgeous! We’ve asked bridesmaid experts Eliza Mabel to give us the low-down on how to get your flower girls and pageboys on trend this year – here’s what they had to say!


Tulle skirts

Beautiful net and tulle skirts are always a big hit, and some brides firmly believe that the bigger, the better! You can add a splash of colour with a lovely coloured sash or keep it neutral to complement your dress. They’re a lovely versatile option for your young flower girls.


Pastel shades

If your bridesmaids are mixed ages, you’ll probably want their dresses to complement each other rather than match entirely. Choosing chic, simple designs in soft pastel shades is a great way to do this! Pastels are a popular trend for adult bridesmaids this spring and summer, and your younger girls will look adorable in sorbet shades.

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Country lace

If you’re marrying in a barn, yurt or teepee, you’ll want something for your bridesmaids that will suit the rustic location yet remain sophisticated in style. These lovely lace designs work really well with a rustic, country garden theme, as they’re stylish without being overly formal. We love them in soft neutral shades!



The two-tone trend is coming in more and more for 2014 and 2015, particularly in modern shades of coral and grey. This trend is great for brides who are looking for something a bit more unique, as you can tailor your colour choices to match your wedding theme exactly!


Stylish shoes

Don’t forget about the shoes! There are some stunning designs out there and we certainly think it’s worth investing in footwear – it will last longer and will definitely be more comfortable. Many designs can be dyed to match your theme, or to give them a new lease of life after the big day is over. Don’t forget to give your girls a chance to wear their shoes in – that’s a must for all new shoes on a big occasion!


As well as neutral pumps in classic materials like satin, we’ve seen an increase in bridesmaids wearing trainers down the aisle! This idea is always a winner for bridesmaids wanting comfort on the day, and you can always cover them up with full-length gowns, but we love it when brides show off their quirky choice.

Relaxed pageboys

We all love to see a sweet little pageboy, and wedding style has come a long way from the traditional outfits. For summer, why not opt for a lovely relaxed pair of shorts, a crisp shirt and a bow tie? You can even give your handsome young man a matching waistcoat for a pop of colour!


Cute tutus

So what if your little one isn’t a flower girl or a bridesmaid but wants to dress up? There’s no better way to make them feel special than an adorable little tutu! These fluffy numbers are bang on trend, come in a stunning array of colours and look gorgeous with a lovely little t-shirt and cardigan. Your girl is bound to feel very special!


Floral hair accessories

There has been a huge trend recently for oversized flower hair circlets, which look stunning on all ages – use large blooms in complementing colours to bring a bohemian touch to any flowergirl or bridesmaid outfit. Prefer a simpler look? Try a dainty hair vine. They add a little touch of sparkling detail that will help keep your girls looking up to date.

Want to see more gorgeous bridesmaid, flowergirl and pageboy outfits, visit Eliza Mabel today! Stuck on what gifts to buy your little ones? We’ve got some great suggestions!