Wedding planners! Stop what you’re doing and you read this. We spoke to who have their eyes and ears to the ground at all times in terms of what’s new in the wedding world. Co-founder, Charlotte Hand highlights the wedding trends to watch out for in 2015… over to you Charlotte!

Holiday weddings

Many couples decide they like their chosen holiday location so much that they want to get married there, instead of at home. They may be drawn back to a certain holiday destination time and time again, and often know a place so well that it feels like home. Getting married there can be the logical next step, especially if friends and family are able to join, turning their wedding into a family holiday.

marry-abroad-Wedding Couple walking in sand

Early stag and hen dos

Having a stag or hen do at least a couple of months before the wedding is becoming more common, as couples want to ensure their friends and family can make it to the stag or hen do, even if they aren’t going to the actual wedding. If the couple are having a small wedding abroad, many friends and family may not be able to attend, but would still like to celebrate their friends’ nuptials by going on their stag or hen do.

Honeymoon gift list

More and more couples are asking guests to contribute to their wedding or honeymoon via a list kept at a travel agents or tour operator. This allows them to have a celebration which may be more luxurious than they could afford themselves. This trend has grown fast over the past five years, as couples who have lived together for years realise that they can ask their guests for a gift that they will enjoy together, and not just upgrade their kettle or toaster to a posher version.

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Weekend weddings

Many couples now plan their wedding over a whole weekend, especially if they are getting married in Europe. A weekend wedding allows the couple to have a fantastic celebration, without necessarily taking any of much time off work. They can then have a honeymoon at a later date which may suit them better. Generally these couples like to have a welcome dinner or lunch the day before the wedding, and brunch the day after. The welcome dinner is a great idea if both families don’t know each other – and the perfect way to introduce the in-laws!

Child-friendly weddings recently surveyed their database and found that 40% of those choosing a wedding overseas already have children. The site’s wedding planners, based in both long and short haul destinations, typically found that over five years, they have seen on average a 17% increase of couples with children or step-children, getting hitched.

Eco/local weddings

Taking an interest in the local area and sourcing local food, drink, decorations and traditions is becoming more common, with couples embracing the country in which they are getting married. Many couples choose to marry in a country as it has a certain significance to them, and using local produce and wedding traditions is a good way to incorporate the country into their celebrations.

Including those left at home

With the proliferation of technology these days, many couples have the best of both worlds and go abroad to get married, but then stream the ceremony online so that their friends and family at home can also see them exchange vows. Skype and FaceTime are just two of the major ways couples can keep in touch.

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