It’s far from unheard of that brides want to look and feel amazing on their wedding day, and that sexy yet sophisticated look is a favourite with lots of ladies (and unsurprisingly, the grooms too!)…

The dress

Getting your dress right is so important for all brides-to-be, whether they want to look cute or sexy, or a balance of both. No matter what look you’re going for, make sure you’re buying a good quality dress as well as figure-flattering. A wedding dress that’s falling apart at the seams and with material that’s more green than ivory isn’t the most attractive thing… JLG_4086

Show some skin

We’re not saying go all out, but a little bit of skin is not only sexy, but super on trend for dress collections this year and in 2016. A plunge neckline, a backless detail or the more subtle slit, strapless neckline or illusion detailing – they are all winners with us, and will be no doubt be a hit with your groom as well. Natalie & Mark-104

The right make up

No matter how full on you want your make up to be – dark smokey eye, simple with a red lipstick, or just totally natural, – there’s a way to do it right, and there’s a way to do it wrong. It’s important to make sure your beauty ideas suit you and your dress. After all, it’s kind of important that people recognise you as you walk down the aisle, isn’t it… Jody&Dylan-16

Luxury lingerie

It’s what’s underneath that counts! Buying yourself a pretty set of matching wedding lingerie is a must for the to-do list of any bride. Even if you feel like you’ve got to pull out the granny pants for that extra support in your dress, spoil yourself with a pretty (and slightly less practical) set for your wedding night. Hollie&Paul-70

Practice your poses

Cameras are going to be pointed at you left, right and centre on your wedding day, so get practicing! It might seem embarrassing to be standing in the mirror trying out various poses for the big day photo-frenzy, but you’ll appreciate knowing what you’re doing when it comes to your perfect hand-on-hip stance, or the classic over-the-shoulder look.

Be confident

We’re sure you know this yourself, but self-confidence is a huge part of feeling sexy. Don’t shy away from strutting around your wedding venue, because do you know what? You can! And if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy to everyone around you. Trust us…


Smiling is the cherry on top of the – very sexy – cake. Having a smile from ear to ear throughout your whole day will not only show how happy you are and how much you’re enjoying your special day, but will get your groom and guests smiling too; it’s contagious! Ian and Jess wedding1057