Following the initial thrill of the engagement, the many hours admiring the ring and the retellings of the proposal, many brides-to-be will struggle to make sure that their fiancé remains involved with the wedding planning. Here the experts at Journl have compiled a list of the best ways to keep him motivated when the engagement buzz dies down…

Book lots of food tasting sessions

If there’s one thing that will keep him interested, it’s the prospect of food. If your wedding venue provides catering make sure you get the chance to try every course. But if you need an independent caterer, do your best to book as many tasting sessions as possible before settling on your favourite! Keep your tasting appointments in your Journl calendar and be sure to keep your thoughts and inspirations locked in a Journl note.

Decide on a meaningful wedding venue

He needs to be as comfortable and happy in your wedding venue as you are. Choose a place that means something to both of you – the restaurant where you had your first date, a meadow near where you grew up, your local church. Anywhere that holds special memories for the two of you.

Make sure the guest list is evenly split

This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to give him the opportunity to have a real think about who he wants at the wedding. Sometimes it’s impossible to get a 50/50 split as far as families are concerned – perhaps it’s a numerical impossibility. But if your side greatly outweighs his, then offer to allow some of his football pals or close colleagues to come along. Use a Journl Checklist to keep an eye on numbers and check off guests once their invitations have been sent.

Let him plan the honeymoon

Let’s face it, every detail, to the minutest of elements, of the big day will have been created, decided, and arranged by you. It will be just as you’ve been imagining it. So allow him to take control of the honeymoon. Of course you’ll want to keep tabs on flight times, your packing list, and travel documents, but trust him to plan something wonderful and be proud of him when he does.

Be prepared to compromise

Yes, this is the day you’ve always dreamed of. It must be perfect! But if he’s really opposed to a particular colour or jacket style, or really wants to include a funny poem in the ceremony then think about it carefully before making a decision about it. Prioritise the elements of your day according to their importance to you and him! Use Journl’s To Dos to star the essentials.

Don’t talk about stuff that doesn’t really matter

Nothing will turn him off more quickly than talking about things that he’s not likely to notice on the day. Table confetti and the bridal bouquet may be important to you, but he’ll be too busy eating, drinking, and celebrating to give them a second thought. Sharing a Journl section with him and popping your ideas in it will ensure that he is aware of your plans but avoids any conversations that will send him to sleep!

Provide booze

Whenever you want to sit down and have a serious and lengthy conversation about anything wedding-related, make sure he is relaxed and happy. Take him to the pub or go for a stroll. And if the carrot doesn’t work, use a stick!

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