We think last minute weddings are oh so romantic. You might be tying the knot without a moment to spare because you just can’t wait any longer to become Mr and Mrs. Maybe you’re planning on living abroad and want to go as newlyweds. Maybe you want to get the wedding sorted before your baby is born.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure. Planning a wedding at the last minute can put you into a bit of a whirlwind of activity, in a good way though. Follow our seven savvy planning tips and you’ll avoid confusion and stress and enjoy each stage to the max!

last minute wedding plans kerriemitchell
Make these gorgeous decorations in our fab how-to video below! © kerriemitchell

Finishing touches

These absolutely don’t have to be elaborate, sometimes the simplest thing is best and there’s less to go wrong that way, too. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding you could just sprinkle blossoms or rose petals on the tables to add the wow factor. In winter, put tealights on a mirror in the centre of every table to add a sparkle. We love hanging decorations, as above – pom poms are super easy to make yourself.

Groom’s outfit

Unlike your wedding dress, suits for grooms can be ordered at much shorter notice. Have a look online and you’ll see that many companies even offer next-day delivery. High street chains usually carry plenty of stock and if you’re marrying out of season you’re probably going to find more choice. The most important thing to get right is the fit, so make sure everybody’s measurements are correct before ordering (is that really his waist size or is he in denial?).

Bridesmaid dresses

Gone are the days when you had to dress each of your bridesmaids in an identical frock, regardless of whether or not it suited them. Now it’s very popular to let your bridesmaids wear different styles of dresses in different shades of the same colour. Let your maids choose their own style of gown that reflects their best features and they’ll be your friends forever and look much more smiley and happy in your photographs.

Forget save the date cards

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Email is a wonderful invention for saving time. Instead of wasting valuable days by ordering save the date stationery, send your guests an email save the date instead. Facebook events and groups are also a great way of letting your guests know about your last-minute wedding and they will also help you keep track of how many people will be attending.

last-minute weddings lilyandfrank
Create simple and elegant centrepieces for your big day © lilyandfrank

Don’t lose sight of your budget

Don’t panic if you’re on a short timescale and overspend, hoping that it will create solutions. If you’re on a tight budget and have very little time, then consider hiring a wedding planner who is likely to pay for themselves anyway. State exactly how much you can afford for a fee and stick to your budget. A wedding planner will be able to negotiate discounts and special rates for you anyway and is more likely to be able to come up with some amazing last-minute solutions for you.

Do it yourself

If you’re having trouble finding a florist who can do your flowers at short notice, then visit a wholesale florist locally to choose your own blooms. Don’t attempt any sort of formal flower arrangement. Instead go for a shabby-chic, rustic sort of look by arranging your flowers and greenery in mis-matched vases and bottles.

You could also make your own cake. A tiered Victoria sponge decorated with fresh strawberries or raspberries looks delicious but doesn’t require any complicated icing. Or buy a plain white iced supermarket cake and decorate with fresh flowers or a cake topper. Or why not make small, easy, fairy cakes and decorate them with vintage-style toppers from the Wedding Ideas Shop?

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

If you’ve decided to rush off and tie the knot abroad then make doubly sure you have all the legal documents you need in place to make this happen. Your passport needs to be valid, with at least six months left before it expires and you’ll need your birth certificate too. In New York we’ve heard of weddings being organised in under a week but in Italy they take about three months!

Getting married last minute is possible – but just keep the above in mind, especially our words on documentation. A lot will depend on the destination in which you’re getting married, so check local requirements and make sure you’ll qualify in time.

That said, getting married last minute is very romantic and very do-able. Plus, you’re going to be Mr & Mrs just that little bit sooner!