The thought of purchasing an engagement ring can induce blind panic for those unfamiliar with the world of carats, claw-settings and gem stones. To take the stress out of the choosing the right ring, Hatton Garden bespoke jewellers and coloured gemstone specialists Holts have given us their seven essential tips for choosing an engagement ring.


Think practically

When you’re selecting an engagement ring remember that it will be worn every day, so comfort and wear-ability are essential. We can all identify with the lure of a huge rock, but bear in mind that it might end up being too cumbersome for everyday wear.

Select your metal

White gold, yellow gold and platinum are the most commonly used alloys for engagement rings. Platinum is more durable than gold but also more expensive. We would recommend 18-carat gold for everyday wear.

How many stones?

Decide on the number of stones you want to use. Single-stone solitaire styles tend to be the most popular engagement ring option, but trilogy and cluster designs offer alternatives for those looking for that extra bit of sparkle.

Consider coloured gems

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These days, engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and colours. With colourful gems now taking centre stage to provide budding grooms-to-be cheaper alternatives that are just as dazzling as diamonds.

Take the Sapphire for example. This durable, yet stunning stone comes in a wide range of colours, from blues through to pinks, purples, yellows and green – in fact you can find them in almost any colour. Holts have recently launched their ‘Engage with Colour’ collection, which features stunning coloured stone engagement rings.


Seek out inspiration

Before you decide on your chosen style, gather some images of styles you would like to show to your jeweller or bespoke designer. Pinterest is a great place to find online inspiration.

Will it match the wedding ring?

Consider how the engagement ring will sit next to the wedding band. If you opt for an intricate bespoke design, keep in mind that you may have to invest in a custom-designed ring too. You will also need to select a wedding band in the same metal as the engagement ring. If you have different metals, the softer material will wear badly.

Consider personal style

If you’re buying for your other half, use their fashion sense for guidance. If they regularly wear silver jewellery, a platinum or white gold ring would tone nicely with their existing accessory collection. If they’re a fan of gold accessories, then yellow gold is an obvious choice.