Obviously you know everything you need to know about your wedding day (aka literally everything), but your bridesmaids have got to be in the know as well! So, what are the main things they have to be clued up on?

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Your vision

You and your bridesmaids are essentially like Santa and his little elves, just outside of Christmas time. This is why it’s important that they know what you’re going for when it comes to your wedding day.

From the moment the planning begins to the big day itself, they should know exactly how you want everything to go – the theme, the decorations, the layout, the order… everything! This way, they can send you links of centrepieces that would be perfect for that rustic-meets-funfair-meets-springtime theme you’ve got planned, as well as save you a lot of time and stress ordering people around when the day actually arrives.

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Being a bridesmaid is a very special role, but they’ve got to deserve it. Knowing the bride well is super important if you want to be a great bridesmaid. They should know what to say, they should know what NOT to say, and they should know when you need to take a time out.

It’s not all about wearing matching dresses and leading the bride up the aisle, they need to be your emotional and moral support from the beginning! Wedding planning can get quite overwhelming, but that can be quickly cured by a nice chinwag and a glass of wine (or two!) with your best girls.

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Seeing as you’re the bride, you are probably going to be rushed off your feet on your big day, that means no time to dictate timings or what your girls should be doing to help out. Make sure that all your bridesmaids, and the rest of the bridal party, are totally clued up on what is happening and when.

We’re sure that anyone would prefer to make sure that they’re on time rather than have a bridezilla on their hands; lateness can make brides very, very angry. And also, it will save you the task of bossing about all of your wedding guests to tell them which direction to go in and when.

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Emergency kit

No, we’re not talking plasters and hand sanitiser (necessarily) – we’re talking hairgrips, mini hairspray and lippy. It’s the bridal emergency kit! Okay, you can pack plasters if you so desire.

Whilst you don’t want to be carrying around a cute little clutch full of all these goodies, your bridesmaids certainly can. At any sign of a strand of hair falling out of place, or your lips not glistening enough, your bridesmaids can whip out the necessities to make sure you’re looking non-stop fabulous.

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Wedding guests are bound to have lots of questions to ask about the big day. “What time are we going to the reception venue?”, “Who made the bunting?”, “What’s on the menu?”, and so on and so on! This is where your bridesmaids can save you a lot of hassle. Keep them up to date on all the plans so they are able to answer those frequently asked questions that are traveling between the guests.

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It’s okay to cry!

Honestly, crying isn’t all that bad – minus the slight mascara run down your face, but that’s easily fixed! It’s going to be an emotional day, not only for you and your groom, but for all your friends and family too. Make sure that they know it’s okay to cry. Don’t let them hold back the tears during the ceremony just because there’s lots of people there and it’s ’embarrassing’ – in fact, anyone who sees would find it heartwarming!

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The best dancemoves

It’s a well known wedding rule that the bridesmaids are the ones that can change an empty dancefloor to a dancefloor that people don’t want to leave. The awkward part of the night where the DJ is playing, the lights are flashing, but there’s nobody dancing, is unfortunately an inevitability of any kind of party, but bridesmaids can save the day.

Whether your girls have a choreographed routine, or just not afraid to show the world their favourite moves, they’ll fill the dancefloor so much that no one will be able to resist.

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