Okay, so being engaged and planning a wedding is ah-maz-ing! But that doesn’t give you the right to be mean to your best girls. Here are seven things that your bridesmaids do not want to hear…


“I’m thinking Bali for my hen do”

Weddings can be costly affairs, so if your bridesmaid is already giving up time and money to be part of your day, are you really going to make her foot the bill for an expensive hen do half way around the world? Think about everyone’s budget and choose a location that’s practical and purse-friendly – that is, if you want them there.

“I know you’re a F-cup but I really love this sheer backless dress”

There is no excuse for giving your bridesmaids unflattering dresses. Not everyone will be the shame shape or size and as a modern bride, you must take this into account. Think about your friends. Think about your photos! If they’re not happy, the won’t feel confident on the day – and you don’t want them sloping off to get changed early. Take a look at Alexia Bridesmaids for some stunning designs that suit all figures. Remember, no excuses!


“I want you to wear flat shoes so I’m the tallest”

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Okay, so you’re the bride and you want to look amazing on the big day – and you will. You’ll be the one in the gorgeous ivory gown, at the centre of attention. If you’ve got a long-limbed beauty of a bridesmaid, be proud of her. It’s more about the person than how they look, right? But if the pangs of jealousy are just too much, don’t ask her in the first place!

“Can we talk about the wedding plans… AGAIN!”

Remember that even though you are planning one of the biggest days of your life, not everyone wants to hear about it 24/7. Take time out with your bridesmaids to do fun things that don’t include stationery, dresses or bunting.


“Only married couples get plus ones”

A controversial one. From the bride’s point she’s probably thinking of easy ways to trim the fat from the guest list and save a few pounds. From a bridesmaid’s point of view, she is already doing a lot for you on the big day, so why shouldn’t she be allowed a plus one – even if she’s not married to him? We say, cut off random boyfriends elsewhere but make an exception for your bridal party. They should be treated like VIPs on the day, too.

“You need to pay for your dresses and accessories and they’ve GOT to be these (super-expensive ones!)”

If you want your bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses and accessories, you need to give them some choice about what they buy. Give them a colour scheme, tell them about the theme of the wedding, show them examples of what you like but do not insist on something you know they will struggle to afford.


“Do you really need that cookie? Remember, only 3 weeks to go!”

You may well decide that, as a bridal party, you’re all going to slim down and tone up for the wedding. But if not, don’t put pressure on your bridesmaids to lose weight. As a bride, if you are concerned that a bridesmaid may balloon before the big day, tell her that you can’t afford to pay for extra alterations, so then the ball’s in her court.

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