Sometimes certain things won’t impress everyone, and we’ve put together some of the most common complaints from wedding guests, just so you know what to expect, or what to avoid…

The invitation

From the inconvenient date at the top of the invite, to the lack of mention about a plus one or the ‘No children, please’ at the bottom – the wedding save the dates and invitations can be a source of great irritation to those receiving them. But at the end of the day, your wedding is YOUR day – if you don’t want children there, you don’t want children there. And that is that. 13090101_433

The waiting around

You’ve had the big day planned out for a while now – every hour, every minute, every second almost, but have you thought about the guests? There are lots of times during a wedding day that guests can be left waiting around, whether due to disorganisation in the wedding planning, or the vendors. Think about it though: whilst you’re off with your groom and the photographer taking amazing shots for your wedding album, will your guests be happy? Will your guests be okay with you pushing back the three-course meal because you want a guitarist to perform during the drinks reception? 2013-07-27 00370

The seating arrangement

No matter how hard you try to do a seating plan that will suit everyone, often it doesn’t quite work out. Even your last resort of placing those two certain people on opposite ends of the table could lead to a complaint! And the same goes for when you haven’t put them with someone they want to be with. Don’t stress too much about this though, after all, it’s only for the meal time – they can pick and choose who they do and don’t hang around with for every other part of the day! Michelle-Simon-620

The wallet

Forking out extra cash is never seen as a good thing, even to the richest of people! Ensure your wedding day has no unexpected or hidden costs that they’ll have to empty their wallets and purses for, other wise you might find your reception tables filled with grumpy guests. They’ve paid for your wedding gift, they’ve paid to get here, and they’ve most likely paid for a brand new outfit (not that we’d complain about that!). If you’re worried about how people will react, let people know about things with a little note in the invitations or similar. MR 0585

The food

Isn’t it strange that once you seat certain people in front of a fancy three-course meal that they suddenly turn all ‘foodie’ on you? Complaints about the food almost always happen, but sometimes it can’t be helped – one person can have very different tastes to another person! The best you can do is make sure you satisfy everyone’s dietary requirements. Those vegetarians won’t be happy if a plate of roasted lamb and gravy is presented to them… LAP-Copyright-355-vintage

The music

Let it be known that, as much as people pretend that dancing isn’t their thing, wedding guests love a bit of dancefloor action. Even the essential dad dancing involved in every wedding is a treat! Make sure you’ve got a playlist, band or DJ that will get people going, and end the evening with a bang! MR extra 0088

The lack of appreciation

Whether those you’ve invited have travelled far or not, they will expect to have a little conversation with you at least. Only getting a glance of you as you walk down the aisle just won’t cut it! Plus, a thank-you card after the big day through the post will avoid any complaints about you and your groom being ungrateful about them attending your big day. Natasha Jack s Wedding-Mr Mrs-0048

For more things to add to your to-do list (sorry, ladies!) to ensure you’ve got happy guests on your big day, check out these things that your guests will definitely be expecting