We love to hear a good proposal story at Wedding Ideas, and we’re sure you do too. But there are some things that just make us cringe at the thought of. If you’re thinking of proposing soon, here are the things NOT to do…

Get ahead of yourself

Popping the question is a big moment in any man’s life. No matter how confident you are, you’ll want to know the answer you’re going to get, not just assume it. It’s sensible to test the water before going ahead and proposing – talking about the possibility of marriage isn’t ruining the surprise!

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Lose the box

No matter what kind of proposal you have prepared, whether it’s tying the ring to a puppy’s collar or hiding it in your fiancé-to-be’s ice cream in a restaurant, make sure you keep the box. Without it, it’s kind of like a cup of tea without milk, a burger without a bap, or, just an engagement ring without the fancy box.

Forget to practice

Even though the words ‘Will you marry me?’ seem simple enough, the moment you’re actually asking the question will make you aware that it’s a little more difficult than that. Getting the proposal right is all about good timing, wording, and minimal hiccups – so practice, practice, practice!

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Tell too many

The thoughts of you marrying this girl might have started up from the first date you had, and your friends probably started getting sick of it. But do you know what? That’s okay. What’s not okay is going on and on about your proposal plans, so much that you don’t know who you’ve told and who they will tell. Keep it a surprise from your friends as well as your girlfriend.

Go public

The whole flash mob idea may be great to watch on YouTube, but it’s a different story when it’s actually happening to you. Most brides that we know certainly wouldn’t enjoy this public display of affection. Keep the proposal to yourselves, and shout about it after!

Get impatient

If you’re on a romantic holiday with the intention to propose on the last night when you’ve planned to go watch the sunset (just an idea for you all!), don’t be tempted to blow this plan just because every time you go for a change of t-shirt, you see the engagement ring hiding away in the suitcase. Wait for the right moment, and keep patient. It will all come together in the end.

Be empty-handed

… or, perhaps, you don’t have a ring. This isn’t a good idea for a proposal because it makes it seem unprepared and a spur of the moment thing. (If it was a spur of the moment thing, we hope it was a previously-thought-about-spur-of-the-moment thing.) We know it shouldn’t be down to a piece of jewellery, but…

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So hopefully your proposal story will run, or did run smoothly! Next up, the questions you’re bound to hear from ev-er-y-one now you’re engaged.