Wedding dress shopping is something that all brides-to-be can’t wait for, from the moment of the proposal onwards! We’ve put together the things no one tells you about the experience so you don’t get caught out, and it all runs as smoothly as possible…

Choose your co-shoppers carefully

The people you choose to take wedding dress shopping are very important people. Not only should they consider themselves lucky, but they should have the a personality that shows it. If you’ve got a couple of friends you feel will get bored or unenthusiastic quickly, they may not be your best choices. Get a small group of people that will offer helpful comments on each of the dresses you try on, and that will keep up interest no matter how long the shopping takes! CG 156

You won’t always stick to your plan

Before you embark on the wedding dress search, you might have a specific image in your head. Don’t lose that ideal image of a lace fit-and-flare with an illusion neckline, but don’t dismiss other options. Trying on things you don’t think will suit you may sometimes surprise you, you know… Make sure you try on a range of different designs and shapes, and take the advice of the shop assistants into consideration!


It’s not always love at first sight

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Remember, most dresses will look bad on the hanger! Like we just said: Try. Things. On. Whilst the shape may not look your cup of tea while it hands on the dress rail, the moment you put it on, pair it with a killer pair of heels and add the accessories, might change your mind completely. But don’t go through all the dresses you can get your hands on in the boutique, be selective! GemmaWilliamsPhotography_Jenna&Lee_017

Wear the right underwear

You know what we said about the hanger not doing the dress justice? Well, same goes for your undergarments. For wedding dress shopping, make sure you’re wearing plain and seam-free underwear to give you an idea of how the dress really should look. Step away from the bras and knickers covered in frills and the bows for today, please. You’ll thank us later. 172-C&M

Consider bridal sizes

Picking up your usual size 10 off the dress rail and it not fitting does not mean those after-dinner biscuits last night have gone to your hips already. Fear not! Wedding dresses are typically one to two sizes smaller than regular street sizes, so don’t get too fixed on the number. And for those brides that are wedding dress shopping with the plans to lose weight, don’t be too ambitious. Often, it’s a lot better to order the size that fits you now and deal with fittings nearer to the big day itself. Natasha Jack s Wedding-The Morning The Girls-0106

You will get tired

Wedding dresses – they’re not exactly the lightest of garments, are they? The repetitive routine of getting undressed and dressed during any shopping day is tiring enough, let alone getting undressed and dressed into a series of heavy wedding dresses. Before you head out, get a good, but light, breakfast down you, and keep a bottle of water on hand – then you’ll be ready for the wedding dress work out commence lg1309sep45

Try before you buy

Once you’ve got it on and think it might be ‘the one’, try and glide like you’re walking down the aisle and move like you’re on the dancefloor! If you can strut your stuff in the dress, we’re with you: it is the one. Everyone present, hold back the tears or grab the tissues…


Finding that special dress is no doubt one of the most special moments for every bride-to-be, and here are a few more amazing moments of your wedding planning that you won’t be able to forget.