You went through so much effort of trying on dresses, flower arranging and cake-tasting but you’ve finally made it through one of the biggest days of your life, but what comes next? Samantha Merritt reveals all… Guy-and-Jo-Wedding-333

1. Now I’m just a wife!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but the reality sets in that you’re never going to wear that beautiful white dress again, or get away with drinking that much champagne in one day, or eating that much food for that matter.


2. I never want to plan anything like that again

It was stressful, there were arguments between you and your new hubby and you almost wanted to punch your maid of honour in the face, but it was all worth it in the end, right? Right! However you’re not going to be hosting that big an event for that amount of people ever again!

3. What do I talk to my husband about now the wedding’s over?

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All you’ve spoken about for the past year or so is the wedding, so the tumbleweed moments come thick and fast when your big day is finally over. Time to start a regular date night to keep the conversation flowing – what’s this terrible weather we’ve been having, huh?

4. I’ve just spent my life savings on flowers, table centres and food for 100 people!

How terrifying is that?! You’ve spent every spare penny you had on a party for all your nearest and dearest, and while it was definitely worth it, it’s time to work your socks off and pay for the honeymoon

5. Great, people are already asking when we’re going to have kids

You’ve not even settled in to your first full day as husband and wife and people are already placing bets when you’re going to start having babies! Trying to warn people off the subject is a trying task, you and your hubby need a plan in place to squash those questions, ASAP.


6. Post-wedding blues

You’re on a serious come down after one of the biggest and best days of your life, and you need something to pick you up as soon as possible! Plan date nights, take day trips away and make sure you take the time out from busy every day life to just have some fun as you settle into married life.

7. I’ve married the love of my life

YOU DID IT! All those late nights worrying over where to put Auntie Glenda on the seating chart have dissolved away and the realisation that you’ve married the love of your life sets in. Both of you couldn’t be happier – the future is exciting and an adventure you can face together! Michelle-Simon-190

If you’re getting cold feet, make sure you’re marrying ‘The One’ and find out if the person you’re with is for life