Are you a bride-to-be struggling to find your something blue? Then take a look at these gorgeous blue gift ideas! You can either treat yourself to one, or leave this page up on your laptop ‘by accident’ for your h2b to find… we won’t tell!

You’ll probably have heard of the wedding rhyme: ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. This old English tradition of having four ‘somethings’ (as well as a silver sixpence in your shoe) on your wedding day is meant to bring good luck and prosperity to the newly-married couple, so it’s worth observing!

Many brides choose to incorporate the traditionally lucky colour blue into their outfit in some way – the most popular choices are tying a blue ribbon around the bouquet or having a blue garter (or one with a blue stone). If these don’t appeal to you, then why not try these beautiful blue gifts?

£149, H. Samuel
£149, H. Samuel

Blue jewels

One easy way to wear blue on your wedding day is to use a coloured stone in your bridal jewellery. Even if blue isn’t in your big day colour scheme, there’s no need to worry about clashing – the key is to pick the right sort of gem for your look. Stones like sapphire and lapis are a deep, royal blue, so they’ll be easier to spot – perfect if you’re looking to make a statement with your jewellery.

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If you want a subtler blue stone, then choose aquamarine or topaz, which are a lighter sky blue – we love these diamond and topaz earrings from H. Samuel!

£130, Tiffany & Co.

This classic ‘Return to Tiffany’ bracelet is a modern way to wearing blue in your bridal jewellery – one side of the cute heart tag is enamel in the famous Tiffany blue! We’re finding that this bright blue-turquoise is becoming more and more popular as a wedding colour, so it could inspire your whole theme!

'Something blue' gifts for the bride-to-be
£160, Rachel Simpson

Wear it well

Another great way to wear blue on your wedding day is on your feet! More and more brides are choosing coloured wedding shoes as a fun, bright accessory – not only does this make for some great photographs on the day, it means it’s much easier to find classic bridal styles in blue. We love these ‘Lulu’ shoes in duck egg from Rachel Simpson.

£18, Dior

If you’d prefer something a little subtler, then choose ivory peeptoes and paint your toenails with this gorgeous pastel shade from Dior! It would also look great on fingers too, so why not give yourself a modern bridal mani-pedi the night before the wedding?

£89, Jo Malone
£89, Jo Malone

Pretty gifts

If you’re really not convinced by wearing something blue on the day as part of your outfit, then these clever alternatives could be the perfect choice for you!

This Rain and Angelica cologne from Jo Malone comes in a beautiful blue ombre bottle, and the light, fresh scent isn’t too overpowering for a wedding.

£39, Penhaligon’s

Check out this gorgeous bluebell bath oil from Penhaligon’s – pour a few drops into your pre-wedding bath to help you relax before the ceremony and to add a delicate floral scent to your skin. This will look amazing in your bathroom or on your dresser at home, too!

£39, Noble Macmillan

This gift is perfect for brides-to-be who are at the start of the wedding planning process – this pretty sky blue notebook from Noble Macmillan is great for recording all your planning notes or keeping a wedding journal!

For more wedding day traditions explained, take a look at this article – or, if you love the colour, check out these blue wedding themes!