7 Signs He’s About To Propose To You…

Chances are if you’re looking at this website you’re hoping your partner is about to propose. If you’re starting to wonder if he’s ever going to put a ring on it, here are a few of the subtle signs to look out for!

7 signs he's about to propose...

Talking point

First all of, when you bring up the subject of marriage and the future, he either changes the subject or his eyes glaze over. But not this time! In fact, nowadays he actually turns off the Playstation to talk in more depth about it and what you like…

Saving £££s

He’s suddenly got all enthusiastic about saving money, when he’s never really taken an interest in budgets and spreadsheets.


Missing jewellery

Your favourite rings seem to have gone missing for a few days, but then mysteriously reappear in the same place. Suspicious? We think so.

BFFs with your dad

All of a sudden he has become best friends with your dad – golf weekends and pints at the local become a regular occurrence.

Out of character

Does your partner seem quiet nervous or shifty lately? Time to get a manicure, ladies. He’s starting to get nervous about dropping down to one knee.

Jewellery expert

He becomes interested in your jewellery collection and asks about your favourite ring. This could look a little too obvious…

7 Signs He's About To Propose To You…

Exciting phone calls

Your mum / best friends / family get super excited every time you call, only to be disappointed when you’re calling for a chit-chat…

When he does pop the question you’ll want the beginner’s guide to get you going with wedding planning!


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