Chances are if you’re looking at this website you’re hoping your partner is about to propose. If you’ve got a hunch he may pop the question, here are a few of the subtle signs to look out for.

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7 Signs He’s About To Propose To You

Talking point

Firstly, when you usually bring up the subject of marriage, he either changes the subject or his eyes glaze over. However, you may have noticed he’s more engaged recently. In fact, nowadays he actually turns off the PlayStation to talk in more depth about it and what you’re interested in.

Saving £££s

Has he suddenly got all enthusiastic about saving money and tightening his belt? This is particularly sketchy if he’s never really taken an interest in budgets and spreadsheets before.

Missing jewellery

So your favourite rings seem to have gone missing for a few days, but then mysteriously reappears in the same place. Suspicious? We think so.

BFFs with your dad

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All of a sudden he has become best friends with your dad. Have you noticed a sudden increase of golf weekends and pints at the local? Manicure time.

Acting out of character

Does your partner seem quite nervous or shifty lately? Is he more stressed than usual? We recommend you book in for that manicure. He could be getting nervous about dropping down on one knee.

Newfound jewellery expert

Has he become more interested in your jewellery collection? Has he asked about your favourite ring? Flippantly asked what size it is? We don’t need to spell this out for you.

7 Signs He's About To Propose To You…

Exciting phone calls

Finally, are your family paying a closer interest in you? More frequent phone calls from your over-excited mum? Maybe she knows something you don’t…

Whilst the signs may be there, we wouldn’t recommend you get your hopes set on it. If he’s booked dinner somewhere nice, manage your expectations, he will no doubt want to surprise you. Plus, the surprise is the best bit, you don’t want to ruin it for yourself.


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