If you’re a big-busted bride-to-be, you might have suffered a bit when it comes to bra shopping – especially when it comes to your wedding lingerie. But who says that big bras can’t be just as pretty as smaller ones?

We’ve found the prettiest selection of lingerie made for big-busted brides just like you. Adina Reay lingerie is designed specifically for the 32DD to 36G luxury market, using the finest quality fabrics to make delicate, modern, provocative and highly luxurious pieces, all at the same time as offering the support you need.

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Sharon Lake, founder of Adina Reay, says: “We want to provide beautiful lingerie that makes you feel good about yourself and that works with your shape rather than molding you into a preformed silhouette. Pieces that look and feel the same in a G cup as they do in a DD, that are stunning in their own right irrespective of size, and that inspire confidence.

The result is underwear which liberates DD+ cup sized women from having to let their bra dictate their clothing. What you wear next to your skin should be at the very least as beautiful as what you show on the outside, especially on your wedding day.

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Adina Reay challenges traditional patterns by using whisper-fine yet strong fabrics to create panels that maximise support within the cup. Reducing the coverage over the bust, sides and back of the garment as well as avoiding overly-wide straps. They create products that bring out the best in women sized 32DD to 36G.

While focus remains on these hidden structural elements, the collection comprises of pieces created with the highest artisan-quality; leavers laces, Austrian embroideries, satins and tulles – all to create pieces which appeal equally to women of smaller cup sizes as they do to their customer.

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Check out the gallery of loveliness below, and if you love the collection as much as we do, head to adinareay.com today!

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