Want a quirky, original way to say thank you to your guests? We’re loving the favour ideas from top Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous supplier The Origami Boutique. Here are just 7 of their favourite ideas…

Spring tulips

Here at Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous, we love origami tulips, they ooze elegance and make sensational gifts for your guests that they’ll love to keep. The simplicity of the tulips allows a tag to be added to the stem and can easily double up as a place card.

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-001 The-Origami-Boutique-favour-tulip-close-up

Sweet boxes

Sweets always make a welcome favour for any guest and with this original origami box, you can make sure they’ll be happy to take it home with them.

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-002 The-Origami-Boutique-favour-box

Jumping frogs

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When it comes to favours for children, they need something that will entertain them while the best man gets on with his speech. Origami frogs in a box are very cute and before you notice, all the children at your wedding will be playing to see who can make them jump highest and furthest.

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-003 The-Origami-Boutique-favour-frog

Table plans

Another great way of making the most of your favours is by using them as a table plan. These birds are perfect for creating a great impact once your guests enter your reception. All you need to do is write each guest’s name and table number to the tag attached and arrange them altogether – perhaps around a vintage birdcage?

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-004 The-Origami-Boutique-favour-birds

Stars of the show

At your wedding, you are the stars of the day so why not send your guests home with a star too? They’ll love the keepsake and you can have them completely bespoke by adding your names and wedding date in your very own wedding colours.

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-005 The-Origami-Boutique-favour-star

Map of the heart

Incorporate the ultimate symbol of love into your big day with these cute map hearts. They can be made to show your favourite locations, like where you met, where you had your first kiss, and so on!

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-006 The-Origami-Boutique-favour-heart

Origami necklace

Finally a favour for those special ladies who really helped make your day truly unique and amazing – an elegant silver crane necklace with a crystal in one of your wedding colours. Cranes are full of meaning when it comes to weddings as they symbolise loyalty and good luck, so it’s a beautiful way of saying thank you.

sensational-ways-to-say-thank-you-007 The-Origami-Boutique-fine-silver-crane-necklace

As you can see, origami is a very flexible way of incorporating these important details. Not only has it become more popular in recent years, but it also has the flexibility to suit your theme as well as giving that lovely handmade touch to your day. Whichever favours you give your guests, they will appreciate the gesture and never will forget it!