Wedding flowers can be a surprisingly pricey purchase – so what’s a bride to do if she wants beautiful blooms without blowing the budget? We asked the lovely Sabine at G Lily what her favourite inexpensive wedding flowers were – here are her recommendations!



With spring in the air, our current favourite flower is blossom – it’s simple, beautiful and natural. Used alone, blossom is the ideal way to create large displays that bring the orchard indoors.



This bloom is a budget wedding favourite! Its delicate, cloud-like flowers look wonderful massed in large arrangements, which makes gypsophila perfect for creating impact without breaking the bank.



Spring flowers like narcissi, daffodils and tulips are good value, and may even be growing in your garden! This table centre of 4 bunches of narcissi arranged in a paper lampshade has a wonderful scent and cost less than £10 to make. Look for narcissi from the Scilly isles and support our British growers.



When it comes to wedding flowers, less is sometimes more. Exotic flowers like orchids can be expensive, but a few blooms arranged in a more contemporary way doesn’t cost the earth and makes a dramatic statement. Here we used 10 stems of Gloriosa lily in a selection of water-filled vases.



Dahlias are making a massive comeback, and the good news is that these economical blooms come in every shape and colour imaginable, which means you’re sure to find a flower to match your wedding theme. Look for local growers in your area via the Flowers from the Farm network.



The carnation is another wedding flower that’s becoming popular again. With many new varieties on the market, the humble carnation is definitely worth a second look, as its both robust and budget friendly – plus it can give you the full, fluffy look of garden roses for a fraction of the price! Check out our video on making a carnation pomander.



For winter weddings, a massive bunch of twigs or bare branches with a few flowers and hanging tea lights attached looks wonderful. You can leave the branches naked, or spray them gold or silver for a metallic theme wedding – plus the great thing is that twigs won’t wilt, so they can be used again!

Find out more about the fabulous G Lily here – or see more money-saving tips for budget weddings!


  1. I’m not a huge lover of flowers so we won’t be blowing lots of money on them. We would rather spend the money on things people will remember and enjoy more – food and wine!!

  2. Luckily I have a family member who will do my flowers but I would just buy fake ones from a craft store lol I’m not having that many. Why spend so much money on the decor so you can have a wedding by the “books”. Its a day to celebrate not to start your life in debt. People feel like they have to follow the standards, but Dont start your new life in debt!

  3. lm saving wine bottles and glass cola bottles so we can do similar to this and having origami flowers for my bouquet and button holes ect. i dont see the point in spending a fortune when it can be done cheaply and still look amazing

  4. We spent quite a bit on flowers n I don’t regret it at all. In my opinion the flowers did the decorating of the venue and seeing as we were straight on our honeymoon just a few days after they were lovely gifts for our friends n family to take at the end of the reception. We had bouquets, buttonholes, then at the church pew ends, pedestals, n big heart for the door of roses n peonies that was stunning – took this to the venue after then placed this on my granddads resting place on our way to airport for honeymoon. At venue we had big table flowers in martini glasses n a long top table, vintage cut glass crystal vases collected from charity shops full of gypsophila placed on mantle pieces, the bar etc. all in pastel pinks n greens to match vintage theme. Worth every penny. 🙂

  5. I refuse to spend loads of money on something that’s gonna die. I originally wanted a crystal bouquet but they are so expensive. I’ve found a great girl on FB who makes paper flowers and bouquets, booked her.

  6. We had button holes, my bouquet and a bouquet for my bridesmaid – I put mine down after the ceremony and never touched it again and we had flower fairy lights in fish bowl vases on the tables -for us it wasn’t worth spending £££ on things that would die and not really be noticed.

  7. Silk artificial flowers can keep costs down and you can keep them afterwards, great for bride on budget trying to match specific colours or flowers maybe not in season too happy to help anyone who needs at budget prices without compromising quality 🙂


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