The typical idea of a hen party = pinks sashes, tutus, and the rest, but at Wedding Ideas, we love the alternative idea of hens celebrating with a sophisticated tea party! So we’ve got Samantha Check, owner of Tea Party to tell us why you should be having a tea party hen party…

Scrummy delights

First and foremost, who doesn’t love yummy treats? Cute finger sandwiches, scones with lashing of clotted cream and jam, and not to mention all manner of fabulous cakes and patisserie. It’s just the perfect excuse really…

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It looks stunning

If you get it right, a tea party can look amazing – all laid out beautifully with gorgeous place settings, flowers, china and cake stands piled high with mountains of delicious food. Tea Party will do this all for you!

Fun with friends AND your mother-in-law

Yep, whatever you have planned for your hen event, this is the perfect way to include everyone – young and old. Brilliant for even your grandma, tea parties can be civilised (well, see #4!) and a great way to catch up and gossip with all your close friends and family.

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You can add entertainment

Not just any afternoon tea here! The Hen Party Tea Party can include extra entertainment – a naked butler dressed in a perfectly-placed pinny can make all the difference, don’t you think? Who wouldn’t fancy having a hunky chap pout your tea!? Not your thing? Add a craft, manicure or even a karaoke sing-along.

It can be private

If you have a tea party in a venue or a private area just to yourselves, there will be no prying eyes! So, if you want to play some hilarious games without a stranger intruding – you can! You can be as loud as you like, dress up in loo roll, do a quiz with all manner of embarrassing questions, add a craft activity, make a mess, and have a naked butler. Oh wait, did I mention that one already?

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You can wear heels

Yes! You’ll be mostly sitting down whilst elegantly enjoying your tea party. Arrive in style, looking absolutely fabulous, without a worry about those drop dead gorgeous shoes hurting your feet by the end of the hen do.

It doesn’t have to be boozy (if you don’t want it to!)

If you are not the kind of girl who fancies getting legless, then a tea party is an excellent idea, but if you are somewhere in between, a few sophisticated glasses of bubbles won’t go amiss with your dainty cucumber sandwiches.

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Have we persuaded you? Don’t know about you, but we’re hungry for some cucumber sandwiches and scones! To find out more information about Tea Party, head to their website right here.