Wedding signs are all the rage for 2014 so we’ve found 7 quirky designs from real-life weddings to inspire your day! Use them to direct your guests, add a personal touch or just make people laugh. That’s the beauty of a wedding sign – cheap, cheerful and unique to you!


Oh snap!

Social-media savvy brides, this one’s for you! Set up your very own instagram account and hastag where all your big day pictures can be uploaded and shared among your friends and family.

Find your way

We love this simple directional sign to point guests to all the fun stuff you’ve planned for the day. Easy to make if you (or your h2b) is looking for a DIY project.


Smoking is gross…

… But we love you anyway! Would your smoking guests appreciate this? A little tongue-in-cheek sign would be a great talking point at the very least!


Wedding crashers

This is one of the best quirky wedding signs we’ve ever seen – ‘If your name isn’t here it means you are crashing this wedding… You better be funny!’ Oh, if only Vince Vaughan would crash our wedding… sigh!

Shoes here

A wedding abroad essential, this fun little sign tells your guests to leave their shoes behind and feel the sand between their toes.'s-Gloucestershire-Tipi-Wedding-by-Bigeye-Photography-Disc-1-(73-of-338)

Festival style

Planning a rustic shindig in the country? Then this sign post-style sign is the way to go so you guests don’t get lost – or miss any of the good stuff!

Stay true to your roots!

Welcome T’Wedding – give your guests a personalised welcome – and raise a smile – with a sign that stays true to your roots.

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