Marriage is a pretty big commitment, no wait – marriage is a really big commitment, so you want to make sure that your other half is the perfect fit. Before you take the plunge and say ‘I do’, ask these 7 questions to make sure you get your happily ever after… Kirsty and Tom - 0045

Do you get along with each other’s family and friends?

If these relationships are important to you, it’s vital that you all get along and build strong relationships with the important people in each other’s lives. If you don’t, it’ll lead to future problems that become more and more significant.

Do you accept each other’s flaws?

Do you love each other’s flaws or do you criticise their weaknesses? If you’re already starting to get irritated by their annoying habits, it’ll only get worse! If you really love them, you’ll take them for who they are. Jon and Parysa-018

Are you supportive of each other?

Do you both respect each other’s ambitions, interests and emotions? Have you been there for each other during the bad times as well as the good times? If you’ve been nodding to these questions, then you’re the perfect match.

Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with them?

Do you see yourself growing old and wrinkly with your partner? If you can’t see past the next few years, it’s time to reconsider. Marriage is meant to be forever!

Are you willing to work for it?

Marriage has a lot of ups, and a lot of downs! Are you willing to work through the tough slogs to come out stronger in the end? Both parties have to make the effort to compromise to make it work in the long-run.

Do you feel the same way about starting a family?

Although you may not be ready to start planning a family just yet, this is an important topic to discuss with your partner before you say ‘I do’. If you want different things in the future, you need to address these early on. caroline_geraint_414

Are you completely and utterly committed to each other?

Are you both ready to be supportive, faithful and loving for the rest of your life? If you’ve said yes, you’ve got your happily ever after!

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